The Joy of JavaScript

  • 5h 53m
  • Luis Atencio
  • Manning Publications
  • 2021


Whether building interactive browser-based applications or creating server-side applications in Node, JavaScript is the most widely used language for web programming. With new features, language improvements, paradigms, and potential use cases appearing regularly, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a JavaScript developer. In The Joy of JavaScript, author and JavaScript expert Luis Atencio teaches you key design concepts that lead to clean, lean, modular, and easy-to-maintain code.

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About the technology

JavaScript is at the heart of web applications on the browser side and, via the popular Node.js runtime, it often powers the server side too. Simply put, the web runs on JavaScript.

About the book

The Joy of JavaScript introduces techniques that turn JavaScript programmers into JavaScript pros. You’ll work with cutting edge APIs, language features, and coding styles to tackle tricky problems in an elegant manner. Along the way, you’ll practice good object design, drive business logic with functional thinking, and untangle complex data flows.

What's inside

  • JavaScript’s objects and module system
  • Working with higher order functions
  • Identifying and creating composable software
  • Preparing for upcoming JavaScript features

In this Book

  • About This Book
  • JavaScript Reloaded
  • Inheritance-Based Object Modeling
  • Linked, Compositional Object Models
  • Writing Composable, Pure Code
  • Higher-Kinded Composition
  • ECMAScript Modules
  • Hooked on Metaprogramming
  • Linear Async Flows
  • Streams Programming


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