The Last Word on Power

  • 4h 47m
  • Tracy Goss
  • RosettaBooks
  • 2009

In their effort to succeed, today's leaders will reinvent anything--anything but themselves, and this is why so many attempts to revolutionize business fail. Tracy Goss runs a course for executives so that they can reinvent themselves for the next "mission impossible," and Goss has run this highly successful course for the last fifteen years.

Do you want to do work that is worthy of your time and talent? Do you want to make your mark on your industry, company, or within your community? Are you satisfied with the fact that reengineering, quality improvements, and other changes never really make a lasting impact? Then you need to go beyond the techniques of improvement and learn the skills that it takes to be extraordinary. The power to be extraordinary is not one we are born with. Rather, it is a power that one can learn, and Tracy Goss helps executives realize this power. Here in this book for the first time, Goss makes her coursework available to the general reader.

Goss's unique methodology shows how you how "you can put at risk the success you have achieved for the 'possibility' you can be." She positions executives to take on the future that they dream about. She teaches how to behave differently so that you are free of past constraints. She shows how you can be at home in the environment in which you are constantly surrounded by threats, and how to transcend the ordinary to make the impossible happen. Her work has resulted in many important life changes and organizational reinventions worldwide.

About the Author

Tracy Goss is one of the foremost experts in the field of transformational leadership. A consultant, lecturer, and author, she specializes in working with CEOs and their management teams to invent and implement an "impossible future," and to "re-invent" themselves and their executive cadre to lead a series of transformations into that new future. Over the past fifteen years, she has introduced the principles and practices of Executive Re-Invention and Organizational Re-Invention to major U.S. and international companies such as Paramount Pictures, IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank, Monsanto, Reebok, Europcar, Swiss Bank, Houston Lighting and Power, Owens-Corning, and Ciba-Geigy. Ms. Goss is cofounder of the Center for Executive Re-Invention and the President of Goss-Reid Associates, Inc., both based in Austin, Texas.

In this Book

  • The Power to “Make the Impossible Happen”
  • Uncovering Your Winning Strategy
  • The Universal Human Paradigm
  • “Dying” before Going into Battle
  • Creating the Re-Invention Paradigm
  • Inventing an Impossible Future
  • Building the Bridge between “Possibility” and “Reality”
  • What Athletes and Performers Know about Being Extraordinary (That Executives Don't)
  • Notes