The Learning Explosion: 9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms

  • 1h 28m
  • Matthew Murdoch, Treion Muller
  • Franklin Covey
  • 2011

With so much information available, it is hard to know where to start. Making the move online is challenging. Many organizations are struggling to find ways to cut costs and increase reach without sacrificing the quality of training. With dramatic growth projected in virtual learning classes, the challenge remains how to transfer live in-person training to a live online experience. In this book you'll learn about the 9 time-tested rules required to create a high-quality, highly-engaging training experience, and discover what it takes to successfully transfer your in-person classrooms to live online classrooms. With the resources, tools, and rules found in The Learning Explosion, you will be the spark that ignites your virtual training.

In this Book

  • The Learning Explosion—9 Rules to Ignite Your Virtual Classrooms
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • The Learning Explosion
  • Learning Fragments
  • The Rule of Continual Change
  • The Rule of Knowledge Transfer
  • The Rule of Learning Circuitry
  • The Rule of Overcoming Bias
  • The Rule of Virtual Accountability
  • The Rule of Personal Practice
  • The Rule of Thumbs Up
  • The Rule of Global Positioning
  • The Rule of Sustained Orbit
  • Caution!
  • Learning Fragments (Notes)


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