The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit: Over 100 Tools For Transport, Warehousing and Inventory Management, Third Edition

  • 5h 28m
  • Gwynne Richards, Susan Grinsted
  • Kogan Page
  • 2020

The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit provides practical tools for warehouse, inventory and transport managers and students to help them tackle the challenges of logistics and supply chain management. It is full of practical ideas and information to optimise the management of logistics and supply chain processes.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit offers solutions and plans spanning across a variety of sub-disciplines such as warehousing, logistics, supply chain management, inventory and outsourcing. Each toolkit addresses key principles within its area of discipline, providing the reader with a precision approach to be used in complex and sensitive circumstances. The toolkit presents a number of major management tools such as Fortna's Product Flow Smart Design, SMART, DMAIC and Gantt charts. General management, performance management and problem-solving tools have also been included to provide a broader, transferable scope of tools for the reader.

About the Authors

Gwynne Richards has over thirty years' experience in warehouse management and logistics. As well as running his own successful logistics consultancy he provides a number of courses on warehouse and transport management for practitioners. He lectures at Warwick and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is also the author of Warehouse Management.

Susan Grinsted has over thirty years' experience of improving material flow through supply chains, directly or indirectly, as a business manager, consultant, educator and trainer. She is co-founder of, an associate at Apprise Consulting (UK) and a Principal Fellow of WMG at Warwick University (UK).

In this Book

  • Warehouse Management Tools and Guides
  • Transport Management Tools
  • Inventory Management Tools
  • Supply Chain Management Tools
  • Outsourcing Tools
  • General Management Tools
  • Performance Management Tools
  • Financial Management Tools and Ratios
  • Problem-Solving Tools