The Manager's Employee Engagement Toolbox

  • 2h 21m
  • Peter R. Garber
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2013

Everyone knows engaged employees are happier and improve the workforce. But engaged employees improve their managers' lives, too! Employee engagement has gotten the rap of being something "nice" to do, not something that can produce results. You need to reverse that perception in your organization by becoming an engaged leader yourself.

  • Align your management style with ways to improve your workforce.
  • Assess how you lead and what that says about engagement levels.
  • Learn what’s in it for you after you successfully engage your employees.

About the Author

Peter R. Garber is the author of more than 50 books and training products on a wide variety of human resources and business topics. The Manager’s Employee Engagement Toolbox is his third title published by ASTD Press. Mr. Garber has worked as a human resource professional for more than 33 years. He has also been an adjunct faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh, where he taught leadership courses using many of the concepts presented in this latest book.

In this Book

  • The Manager's Employee Engagement Toolbox
  • Introduction—Employee Engagement Makes Everything Better
  • Get More Players in the Game
  • Make Work More Interesting
  • Help Employees Understand How Their Job Fits Into the Big Picture
  • Strengthen Working Relationships
  • Create More Dedicated and Committed Employees
  • Develop Your Employees’ Strengths and Abilities
  • Lead to Better, More Practical Solutions to Problems
  • Create Better Communication
  • Reduce Stress in the Workplace
  • Help Make Your Workplace a More Satisfying Place to Work
  • Appendix