The Modern Learning Ecosystem: A New L&D Mindset for the Ever-Changing Workplace

  • 3h 55m
  • JD Dillon
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2022

Reimagine the Role of L&D in the Modern Workplace

How can we possibly keep up? This question is front and center in today’s workplace thanks to the downright ridiculous pace of change. There’s a never-ending stream of new processes, regulations, products, and technologies with which employees must contend. And in the middle of everything—between executives, stakeholders, managers, IT, subject matter experts, legal, and employees—sits L&D, charged with making sure people have the knowledge and skills needed to execute but rarely provided with the time and resources to get it done.

The Modern Learning Ecosystem outlines a practical approach for navigating nonstop workplace change. Inspired by decades of operations and talent development experience with the world’s most dynamic companies, learning and enablement expert JD Dillon challenges the traditional L&D mindset with a tried-and-true framework that makes right-fit support a meaningful part of the everyday workflow. This book provides step-by-step instructions for architecting a disruption-ready learning ecosystem that will help employees solve today’s biggest problems while building the knowledge and skills needed to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Do you believe workplace learning is about more than courses? Do you struggle to gain stakeholder buy-in for alternative learning strategies? Do you want to make smarter decisions when it comes to solution design, technology application and measurement practices? Grab your copy of The Modern Learning Ecosystem and make sure the people you support are always ready for what comes next.

About the Author

JD Dillon became a learning and performance expert over two decades working in operations and talent development with dynamic organizations, including Disney, Kaplan and AMC. A respected author and speaker in the professional community, JD continues to apply his passion for helping people around the world do their best work every day in his role as Axonify's Chief Learning Architect.

JD is also the founder of LearnGeek, an insights and advisory practice.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • Introduction—Please Stand Clear of the Doors—How Disruption Changed My Perspective on Learning
  • Time for a Remix—Take Inspiration From the Models That Came Before
  • Down the Rabbit Hole—Shift Your Mindset Before Shifting Your Strategy
  • The Proof Is in the Plumbing—Help Learning Flow Freely With the MLE Framework
  • Layer 1—Shared Knowledge—Transform the Wisdom of the Crowd Into a Tangible Asset
  • Layer 2—Performance Support—Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Raise Their Hands
  • Layer 3—Reinforcement—Separate the Need-to-Know From the Nice-to-Know
  • Layer 4—Coaching—Empower Managers to Guide Their Teams
  • Layers 5 and 6—Pull and Push Training—Make Structured Training the Last Resort
  • Applying the MLE Framework—Solve Familiar L&D Problems in New Ways
  • MLE in Action—Explore Five Examples of the Framework in Practice
  • Making Good Technology Decisions—Use Personas to Build Right-Fit Digital Experiences
  • The Data Side of the Story—Power Your Learning System With Continuous Measurement
  • Mastering the Game of Influence—Get Stakeholder Buy-In for Your Awesome New Idea
  • Making the Shift—Start Building a Learning Culture That’s Ready for Anything
  • Epilogue—Find Out What Happened After the Story Ended
  • References