The New Solution Selling: The Revolutionary Sales Process That is Changing the Way People Sell

  • 3h 36m
  • Keith M. Eades
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2004

The original Solution Selling rewrote the rules for the sales profession. Today, the revolutionary yet practical Solution Selling method remains the primary selling process for salespeople competing in every industry around the world, and in every size of business—from the smallest firms to the largest Fortune 500 corporations.

The New Solution Selling comprehensively updates this proven effective approach to help you succeed with today’s no-nonsense markets and buyers. A practical guide designed to provide hands-on value to frontline salespeople as well as sales managers and executives, this step-by-step book shows you how to streamline the sales process by:

  • Quickly and accurately diagnosing your buyers’ business issues
  • Supplying mutually defined solutions to your customers’ recognized problems
  • Gaining access to key decision makers
  • Controlling the buying process
  • Defining milestones that can be measured and forecasted

Solution Selling first won its well-earned reputation among technology companies. Now The New Solution Selling shows how the same principles and process many be applied to any business relationship in any industry. This results-based book will show you how to improve your sales performance by first understanding your customers’ challenges—and then providing intelligent, accessible, and field-proven solutions to those challenges.

About the Author

Keith M. Eades is the founder and president of Sales Performance International (SPI) and Solution Selling, Inc. He and his associates have trained more than 500,000 sales and sales management professionals on the principles of Solution Selling. His clients include the world’s top selling organizations, such as IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, and Bank of America.

In this Book

  • The New Solution Selling—The Revolutionary Sales Process That Is Changing the Way People Sell
  • Foreword
  • Solutions
  • Principles
  • Sales Process
  • Precall Planning and Research
  • Stimulating Interest
  • Defining Pain or Critical Business Issue
  • Diagnose Before You Prescribe
  • Creating Visions Biased to Your Solution
  • Selling When You’re Not First
  • Vision Re-engineering
  • Gaining Access to People with Power
  • Controlling the Buying Process
  • Closing: Reaching Final Agreement
  • Getting Started with the Process
  • Sales Management System: Managers Managing Pipelines and Salespeople
  • Creating and Sustaining High-Performance Sales Cultures
  • Afterword