The Next Level: Leading Beyond the Status Quo

  • 1h 27m
  • Alice Adams, David Cottrell
  • CornerStone Leadership Institute
  • 2006

It’s the one question you’ll hear in every boardroom and business meeting: How do we move our organization to the next level?

What if, in your quest for the next level, you could inject your team's performance with the energy and determination runners devote to their training? What if every sales team, administrative group, development department and every field unit could use the endurance and the discipline an elite runner requires to cross the finish line as a top finisher?

That’s the message of The Next Level: Leading Beyond the Status Quo, written by David Cottrell, and Alice Adams. “By applying the same principles and commitment that individuals put into training for running events, every organization can reach the next level and beyond,” said Cottrell, popular keynoter and author of the best-selling Monday Morning Leadership.

"We wrote The Next Level to demonstrate how to move beyond the comfort of the status quo. Cottrell said. “This book is designed to help each reader discover that in running a 5K race - as well as running your organization – reaching a higher and greater Next Level requires dedication, hard work and perseverance and following a systematic process."

In this Book

  • The Next Level—Leading Beyond the Status Quo
  • Introduction
  • Requirements to Reach the Next Level
  • Stepping Up to the Challenge
  • Set Your Goal: Stretch Objectives
  • Evaluate the Situation: Who, What, When
  • Equip Yourself: Duck and (Re)Cover
  • Endure While Improving: Courage to Change
  • Reevaluate Performance: A Proactive Mindset
  • Evacuate Comfort Zones: Choose to Grow
  • Stick To Your Strategy: Ne Sim Obex
  • Set Your New Goal: On to the Next Level
  • Summary