The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives, Second Edition

  • 12h 36m
  • Brenda B. Jones, Michael Brazzel
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2014

The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change is a vital tool for anyone who wants to know how to effectively bring about meaningful and sustainable change in organizations—even in the state of turbulence and complexity that today’s organizations encounter. Featuring contributions from leading practitioners and scholars in the field, each chapter explores a key aspect of organization development. In this new edition, each of the 34 chapters has been revised in response to recommendations from the contributors and NTL members.

About the Authors

Brenda B. Jones, M.S., is an organizational consultant with twenty years in OD as an internal and external consultant. She consults in the United States and internationally. Jones is past chair and current member of the OD Network of IODA and a faculty member of the American University/NTL graduate program in Organization Development and the Organization and System Development Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Michael Brazzel, Ph.D., is an organization development consultant, economist, uthor, and former executive and manager in United States government agencies. He has experience as an internal and external OD consultant and consulting experience in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Organization Development as an Evolving Field of Practice
  • A History of Organization Development
  • Values, Ethics, and OD Practice
  • Action Research in Organization Development—History, Methods, Implications, and New Developments
  • System Perspectives and Organization Development
  • Use of Self as an OD Practitioner
  • OD Map—The Essence of Organization Development
  • The Organization Development (OD) Consulting Process
  • Theory and Practice of Multicultural Organization Development
  • Dialogic Organization Development
  • Sustainable Organization Development
  • A Framework for Change—Capacity, Competency, and Capability
  • Organization Change Theories and Models
  • Organizational Change Processes
  • Tapping the Power of Emergent Change
  • Organization Leadership—Leading in a Learning Way
  • Culture Assessment as an OD Intervention
  • The Natural Development of Work Groups—Emergent Leadership
  • Working with Groups in Organizations
  • Large Group Interventions
  • Working with Individuals in Organizations—Coaching, Facilitating Interaction with others, and Strategic Advising
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Organizational Practice
  • Borders and Boundaries—Cross-Cultural Perspectives for OD Practitioners
  • Global OD Practice—The Legacy of Colonialism and Oppression
  • Appreciative Inquiry as an Organization Development and Diversity Process
  • Developing Multicultural Organizations—An Application of the Multicultural OD Model
  • OD Practitioners as Agents of Social Change
  • The Power of Emotional Intelligence and How to Create Resonance at Work
  • Organization Network Dynamics and Analysis
  • Working with Energy in Organizations
  • Learning Systems and Organization Development
  • Kurt Lewin—Some Reflections
  • A Lewinian Lens on OD's “Emerging Now”
  • The Future of Organization Development in a VUCA World