The Options Doctor: Option Strategies for Every Kind of Market

  • 4h 13m
  • Jeanette Schwarz Young
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2007

When Jeanette Schwarz Young began her trading career in 1981, options were generally regarded as a specialized trading tool best left to professionals. She was impressed, however, by the value and versatility of options for investors of every size and experience level. Young has spent the past quarter-century both employing options as a trader and working to educate other traders on the value of options for hedging risk, increasing income, or speculating for fast profits.

The Options Doctor is Young's hands-on, practical guidebook for using options combined with technical analysis tools to both create and protect portfolio profits in every market environment. Covering topics from basic to advanced, and filled with entertaining, first-person stories from Young's career spent on the front lines of trading, it will improve your skill and comfort with options trading-whether you are a first-year trader still learning the ropes or a seasoned veteran looking for proven tips and tricks to jump-start your trading performance.

The Options Doctor is organized into three main sections:

  • Market Outlook-The building blocks of technical analysis, including descriptions and guidelines for using nearly a dozen popular charts; techniques for identifying trends, calculating support and resistance lines, and recognizing existing and developing patterns; understanding the basics of bonds, currencies, and commodities; and more
  • Options Strategies-Everything you need to skillfully and profitably use options on a daily basis, including what options are and how they work; their value in limiting risk and increasing return; Step-by-step strategies for implementing options in markets that are trending, cycling within a specific trading range, or reversing direction; and more
  • Managing a Position-Where it all comes together, and you learn how to combine options and technical analysis to hedge the risks in positions of every type, including uncovering the best issues for building a position; adjusting a position that is moving against you; managing a winning position to both preserve and build your profits; and more
  • Options are valuable for all investors, from conservative investors in search of low-risk insurance and income to aggressive traders looking to pull fast profits from the marketplace. The Options Doctor Shows you how to skillfully use options for every strategy in every market, and is certain to become one of the most useful and valuable books in your trading library.

In this Book

  • The Options Doctor—Option Strategies for Every Kind of Market
  • What Is Technical Analysis?
  • Basic Charting
  • Identifying Trends and Calculating Support and Resistance
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Momentum and Other Indicators
  • Bonds, Currencies, and Commodities
  • Introduction to Options
  • Using Options in Trending Markets
  • Using Options in Trading Range Markets
  • Using Options in Reversing Markets
  • Fundamental Hedging Strategies
  • Managing a Losing Position
  • Managing a Winning Position
  • Pulling It All Together