The Practical CIO: A Common Sense Guide for Successful IT Leadership

  • 2h 21m
  • José Carlos Eiras
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2010

As the global economy evolves and transforms, IT executives face dilemmas of truly mythic proportions. Despite understandable feelings of apprehension, you must still choose your destiny. Do you hunker down and wait timidly for fate, or do you seize the moment and act like a hero?

Guiding you in redefining your role as a chief information officer in a global marketplace, The Practical CIO: A Common Sense Guide for Successful IT Leadership tells it like it is. Here you will find the new modes of thinking and novel approaches necessary to increase your chances of surviving through the turbulence and uncertainty of a rapidly changing economy.

This is a unique book, superbly written by a seasoned executive leader who has "been there, done that" in positions of authority all over the world. Filled with real-world stories of success and failure, this timely book provides crucial advice on:

  • Attracting, nurturing, promoting, motivating, and preserving talent
  • Proactively establishing goals for IT
  • Writing, sharing, and using your IT strategy
  • Keeping your vendors accountable
  • Doing your homework before negotiating
  • Managing contracts—not just signing them
  • Working with the business
  • Managing and marketing the IT brand
  • Building and managing relationships up, down, and sideways across the enterprise and beyond its traditional boundaries
  • Acting like a CEO

Unlike earlier generations of CIOs, today's IT executives are expected to help the enterprise achieve its business goals. This represents a fundamental shift in thinking and poses a monumental test for the modern CIO. Savvy—and yes, practical— The Practical CIO helps you brace yourself for the coming changes and deal successfully with the challenges ahead of you.

About the Author

JOSÉ CARLOS EIRAS was most recently CIO at DHL Express U.S.A., a division of Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN), the world's leading logistics and transportation company. Prior to joining DHL, he served as European CIO and Global Services Information Officer at General Motors. He has also held top executive posts at General Foods, Philip Morris, and other multinational corporations. Eiras is a recognized industry expert and respected IT consultant; he has a solid foundation of support in the global IT community.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Build a Great Team
  • Proactively Establish Goals for IT
  • Design the IT Strategy
  • Hold all of Your Vendors Accountable
  • Before Negotiating, Do Your Homework
  • Manage Contracts, Don't Just Sign Them
  • Work with the Business
  • Manage and Market the IT brand
  • Building Relationships across the Enterprise—And Beyond
  • Act like a CEO
  • Afterword
  • Endnotes