The Strategic Project Leader: Mastering Service-Based Project Leadership, Second Edition

  • 5h 19m
  • Jack Ferraro
  • CRC Press
  • 2015

As executives build and nurture their organization’s strategic agility in today’s turbulent, uncertain business environment, the ability to lead strategic change has become more critical than ever. The Strategic Project Leader: Mastering Service-Based Project Leadership, Second Edition will help project managers lead with confidence in temporary, ambiguous team structures that execute risk-laden work in an increasingly agile project environment.

Like the first edition, this edition encourages readers to take ownership of their leadership agenda and become disciplined in the processes of building a framework of leadership skills. Readers are introduced to a new role: the service-based project leader. This role serves the entire project organization by creating a meaningful experience for team members, customers, and critical stakeholders.

The book provides practical guidance to help you move from project manager to service-based project leader. Detailing a framework for developing and refining leadership skills, it explains how to build a leadership competency pyramid and then execute a self-directed plan for building leadership competencies. The leadership competency pyramid includes an intuitive model that will be helpful to project managers at any level.

The book elaborates on the components of each layer of the pyramid and how each layer relates to the others. A chapter is dedicated to each layer of the pyramid, with supporting evidence for the necessity of each of these layers, as well as practical advice on how to build and practice these component layers.

About the Author

Jack Ferraro is the founder of MyProjectAdvisor, a project management services company that provides project management training and leadership development. Jack became a project manager by accident 25 years ago while working as a financial analyst. He has two decades of adult training and education experience and has conducted training sessions and developed leadership workshops for project managers. He has 25 years of experience working with project teams and extensive experience managing complex enterprise technology and business process improvement projects.

As a consultant, Jack helps executives improve organizational project management performance by leading project teams and mentoring and coaching both project managers and business leaders on their change initiatives. He has designed a leadership development program to help project managers build their leadership skills and important personal competencies to enable them to lead strategic projects. He works closely with business leaders on how to partner with project teams to achieve better project results.

A frequent writer and lecturer on project management leadership trends, he has published numerous articles and podcasts on project leadership.

In this Book

  • The Strategic Project Leader—Mastering Service-Based Project Leadership, Second Edition
  • Foreword
  • Leadership in Project Management: A Defining Moment
  • The Rise of the Service-Based Project Leader
  • Project Management as a Service: What You Need to Know
  • Project Management Certifications: The Leadership Angle
  • Professionalism and the Leadership Void
  • The Case for the Service-Based Project Leader
  • Discovering the New Project Leader in You
  • Finding Meaning in Creating, Rather than Problem Solving
  • Finding the Energy to Make the Commitment
  • Competence: The Foundation of Leadership
  • Customers’ Perception of Your Project: Stakeholder Management
  • Project Leader’s Competency Framework: Service-Based Project Leader’s Competency Pyramid
  • Building Your Base—Knowledge, Skills, Experience
  • Building Subject Matter Expertise
  • Trust-Based Relationships
  • Consultative Leadership: Becoming a Service-Based Project Leader
  • Courage
  • Helping Children: Nemours Case Study
  • Instilling Transparency: Norwegian Cycling Association Case Study
  • The Consciousness of a Leader: Understanding Intentional Change
  • Commitment to Leadership: Taking Control
  • Assessing and Acquiring Project Leadership Skills
  • Practicing to Be a Service-Based Project Leader
  • Serving Your Community
  • Developing Your Action Plan