The Strategic Treasurer: A Partnership for Corporate Growth

  • 4h 42m
  • Craig A. Jeffrey
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2009

Market turbulence has created both major risks and opportunities for treasurers in recent years, emphasizing their need to better manage liquidity risks and to maintain a much higher level of visibility in their organizations. At the same time, dramatic changes in treasury technology have disrupted the status quo and presented new opportunities and risks to treasurers. The need to perform all of these duties has to be met in Internet time—not financial reporting time.

Timely and authoritative, The Strategic Treasurer: A Partnership for Corporate Growth explores a clear understanding of what it means to be a strategic treasurer, clarifying how to identify the goals, means, and approach that must be present to be strategic.

Filled with examples contrasting proper and improper perspectives with real-world support for the theory, this book provides treasurers and CFOs with the guidance they need to become true partners within a corporation.

Author Craig Jeffery outlines the treasurer's areas of responsibility, including capital structure, cash management, stewardship of assets, foreign exchange management, interest rate risk management, corporate finance, and debt and investment management, with thorough discussion of:

  • The key arguments for the value of the treasurer
  • Why the treasurer must act as a business partner
  • Guidance for the systematic management of bank and other key relationships
  • Why treasurers must act as the owner of corporate or entity cash
  • How accounting and treasury can live in harmony
  • The importance of having the treasurer oversee working capital for the organization
  • A framework for assessing the financial risks that organizations face
  • The variety of ways the treasurer and controller see things differently

The current period of market and governmental turbulence is the most challenging—yet rewarding—time to be a treasurer. Now, as perhaps never before, the treasurer's plans, skills, and worth will be tested and proven. The Strategic Treasurer: A Partnership for Corporate Growth equips today's corporate treasurers to move from merely being the liquidity manager to becoming a driver of corporate value.

About the Author

Craig A. Jeffery, Managing Partner and founder of Strategic Treasurer LLC, has more than two decades of financial and treasury experience as a practitioner and consultant. Previously, he was Senior Vice President and Practice Leader for Wachovia Treasury & Financial Consulting. Jeffery, regularly quoted in treasury and finance magazines, is a permanent Certified Cash Manager (CCM), an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP), a Fellow of the Life Management Institute with distinction (FLMI), and a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a BS in accounting.

In this Book

  • Building the Case for Being a Strategic Treasurer
  • First Things for the New Treasurer
  • Being a Partner, Not a Vendor
  • Managing Relationships
  • Owning Cash and the Five Os of Treasury
  • Cash Boot Camp for Treasurers
  • Owning Working Capital
  • Differences between a Process View and a Silo View
  • Financial Risk Management—Part One—Considering Risk Through the Eye of the Beholder
  • Financial Risk Management—Part Two—Altering the Risk a Company Faces to Match the Risk It Desires
  • Losses and Fraud—What Can Keep Treasurers Awake at Night
  • Communication—Mars and Venus—Minimizing Communication Conflict Between Treasurers and Controllers
  • Building and Developing the Treasury Team
  • Understanding and Maximizing the Use of Treasury Technology Tools
  • Advice from Various Treasury Leaders
  • Volatility and Liquidity Management
  • Achieving Visibility to Your Liquidity—Visibility and Process-Automation Requirements for the Strategic Treasurer
  • Envisioning Treasury in the Future
  • “Not-to-Do” List for the Treasurer