The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain: Integrating Strategy, Finance and Supply Chain for a Competitive Edge

  • 5h 43m
  • Bram DeSmet
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

Different strategies lead to different supply chains, and a lack of strategic choices leads to a blurred focus. This book introduces the concept of the 'strategy-driven supply chain', which changes the role of supply chain from operational-tactical to tactical-strategic.

Building on the fundamentals of the author's previous bestselling book, Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics, this new work defines a mission and purpose for supply chain management which puts supply chain at the heart of the triangle of service, cost and cash. The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain explains the need for integrated value planning and execution as the next step beyond S&OP and IBP and how to use a strategy-driven scorecard with a focus on Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) as the overall value metric.

The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain includes numerous tools to put these ideas into action, including a method to analyse financial metrics and compare them to key competitors, and exercises to define an organization's strategic choices (or lack thereof). It also features real-life examples of how to use the supply chain triangle to engage sales, finance and operations and case studies that illustrate the impact of strategy on the supply chain and financial metrics. This practical guide outlines a seven-step approach to integrating the people, process, tooling and analytics aspects of the change journey to the strategy-driven supply chain.

About the Author

Dr Bram DeSmet is the CEO of Solventure where he helps global production and retail organizations in the domain of Strategy, Supply Chain and Operations. He is a Professor in Operations & Supply Chain Management at Vlerick Business School, Belgium and a visiting Professor at Peking University, China.

In this Book

  • Foreword by Frank Vorrath
  • Foreword by Martin Christopher
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • The Supply Chain Triangle of Service, Cost and Cash
  • Finance in the Supply Chain Triangle
  • Strategy in the Supply Chain Triangle
  • Strategy in the Supply Chain Triangle—Cases
  • The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain
  • Designing Your Strategy-Driven Supply Chain
  • Strategy-Driven Integrated Value Planning and Execution
  • Your Strategy-Driven Roadmap