The Tech Executive Operating System: Creating an R&D Organization that Moves the Needle

  • 3h 19m
  • Aviv Ben-Yosef
  • Apress
  • 2021

Leaders of tech organizations have to regularly adapt their strategies in an ever-changing market. Creating a culture that understands and supports both the technical and the nontechnical is a refined skill that can be difficult to master even for a leader with years of experience. The Tech Executive Operating System helps you apply your personal expertise and build a thriving R&D organization that moves the needle.

Tech companies spend an average of 15% of their revenue on R&D. As they grow, they find the return on this large investment decreases at a fast pace. Executives and leaders of companies big and small are at a loss and seeking guidance. Author Ben-Yosef expertly walks you through the need to set goals, translate business objectives to R&D terms, and establish the organizational structures and processes to create the biggest impact. The Tech Executive Operating System is a rare book that provides useful yardsticks to measure the progress and contributions of managers, teams, and individuals in your organization.

Tech executives, first-time startup founders, managers , CEOs, and other non-technical founders of startups who want to better understand a significant part of their organization all have invaluable knowledge to gain from The Tech Executive Operating System. Ben-Yosef’s thorough research and real-world examples enhance the lessons and make your goals clear. Engineering organizations can be vastly improved by this multi-faceted approach, and the future of tech is calling for it.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a toolkit for your employees to put in place a remarkable engineering team
  • Discover an impact-oriented approach to goal-setting that will be especially usefully for remote employees
  • Turn the R&D department from a cost center to an innovation center

Who This Book is For

Tech executives and their direct reports, first-timer startup founders, junior leaders in tech organizations, middle-managers in big enterprises, CEOs and other non-technical founders of startups who want to better understand a big part of their organization and how best to address it.

About the Author

Aviv Ben-Yosef has, through his consulting business, helped dozens of companies in Israel, Europe, and the United States, ranging from tiny startups, through public and Fortune 100 companies, to government agencies. In just a few years, he has helped six companies get acquired (“exits”) or become “unicorns.”

In his work as a consultant, Aviv has developed a special approach to aid the leadership of software organizations, coming from a technical background that allows him to talk-the-talk, yet maintain a business-impact-driven mindset. Aviv’s online writing has reached over two million readers, and his publishing includes multiple blogs, podcasts, videos, and online courses.

In this Book

  • What Does the Company Need You for?—You Cannot Lead Without a Purpose
  • Executive Product Mastery—In which You Put Aside the Tech and Learn the Business
  • First 100 Days—Booting Up Your Operating System
  • Moving Upstream—Positioning Yourself for Optimal Leverage
  • Your Executive Toolset—The Secret Sauce to Make You the Best Leader they Ever Had
  • Impact—An R&D Organization that Doesn't Move the Needle is Stuck in First Gear
  • Driving Change—Accelerate the Organization's Speed of Improvement and Stop Herding Cats
  • R&D as the Innovation Center—An R&D Team that Doesn't Provide Business-Related Innovation Might as Well be Outsourced
  • Organizing the Organization—Even Though it's Your Hardware, it Doesn't Mean You Can't Upgrade it
  • Product Mastery—Cultivating an Environment with a Shared Purpose and Understanding of the Company's Vision
  • Conclusion


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