The True Cost of Information Security Breaches and Cyber Crime

  • 47m
  • John Walker, Michael Krausz
  • IT Governance
  • 2013

Most businesses are now aware of the importance of information security. However, some organisations struggle to understand what an information security breach would mean from a business management point of view. This can lead to organisations investing in expensive solutions which may not necessarily address their requirements.

This pocket guide uses case studies to illustrate the possible breach scenarios that an organisation can face. It sets out a sensible, realistic assessment of the actual costs of a data or information breach and explains how managers can determine the business damage caused.

This balanced view helps managers and business decision makers to form better assessments of their organisation's information security needs. It also gives readers the knowledge to fend off any security vendors who might try to make sales by spreading panic and exaggerating the consequences of a breach.

With this book's help, you can make sure your information security system is right for your business.

About the Authors

Michael Krausz is an ISO 27001 lead auditor, information security management system manager and professional investigator whose consulting career has spanned 17 countries, 5000 hours of training delivered and numerous ISMS, incident remediation and business continuity projects for national and international customers.

John Walker has over 30 years’ experience in the world of IT, and Cyber Security, is a Visiting Professor at the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Visiting Professor/Lecturer at the University of Slavonia [to 2015], CTO of SBLTD, and holds the position as a Board Director of Cyber Research at the Ascot Barclay Group. John is an Expert Witness, ENISA CEI Listed Expert, Editorial Member of the Cyber Security Research Institute (CRSI), a Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS), and is a Member of the Editorial Board at the Executive Risk Magazine [ERM].

In this Book

  • The True Cost of Information Security Breaches and Cyber Crime
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Daily Breach
  • Information Security and Business Risk
  • Cost Factors of a Breach
  • Case Studies
  • A Brief Checklist
  • Conclusion
  • ITG Resources