The Trusted Learning Advisor: The Tools, Techniques and Skills You Need to Make L&D a Business Priority

  • 4h 13m
  • Keith Keating
  • Kogan Page
  • 2023

WINNER: Goody Business Book Awards 2023 - Leadership - HR and Employee Development

How can I make learning part of the overall company strategy? How do I convince key stakeholders of the value of L&D? How can I develop a proactive approach to L&D rather than reactive?

L&D professionals can achieve all these things and more by becoming a trusted learning advisor rather than an order taker. The Trusted Learning Advisor is full of practical tips, tools, and case studies outlining the path learning practitioners need to follow to transform from order takers into strategic consultative business partners.

This essential guide includes strategies for developing skills needed to build trust and relationships with stakeholders, practical advice on connecting the learning strategy to business strategy, and communicating all of this to the organization. It also has additional support on critical thinking, communication and influencing skills as well as advice on how to master a growth mindset. Written by an author with over 20 years' experience in the industry, locate the skills that are needed by L&D professionals to become strategic consultive partners by driving value for organizations and unlocking potential. This is crucial reading for all L&D practitioners looking to develop their role as well as positively impact lives through the power of learning and adding true value to the organization.

About the Author

Keith Keating is a Chief Learning Officer at BDO and Academic Director for the University of Pennsylvania's CLO doctoral program. A respected industry author and keynote speaker, he has more than 20 years' experience in the Learning and Development (L&D) industry. He champions lifelong learning as the pathway to seizing control of one's career trajectory and is also an advocate for talent development. He leverages his platform to emphasize human talent as the cornerstone of organizational success. He resides in Toronto, Canada.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • From Order Taker to Trusted Learning Advisor
  • Understanding Order Takers: The Current State of Affairs
  • The Need to Evolve
  • What Makes a Trusted Learning Advisor?
  • Putting the “Trust” in Trusted Learning Advisor
  • Building Relationships: Your Bedrock for Success
  • Crafting L&D Practitioner Skills
  • Taking the Order
  • Overcoming Resistance: Yours and Theirs
  • Best Practices of a Trusted Learning Advisor
  • Conclusion