The Ultimate Accountants' Reference: Including GAAP, IRS & SEC Regulations, Leases, and More

  • 18h 28m
  • Steven Bragg
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2005

The Ultimate Accountants’ Reference offers a single-source tool of best practices and control systems related to accounting regulations for all aspects of financial statements, accounting management reports, and management of the accounting department. The perfect daily answer book for the practicing accountant, it also addresses financing options, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, and taxation topics.

This revised and updated edition of Accounting Reference Desktop offers a concentrated, everyday reference manual to help financial professionals become much more efficient in researching accounting topics. New features of this improved resource tool include:

  • Up-to-date information on GAAP, IRS regulations, and new SEC regulations
  • New material on leases and options
  • More examples than the previous edition
  • The latest coverage of control systems, including twice as many controls as the previous edition
  • Double the amount of journal entries as the previous edition

Accountants, accounting managers, and finance personnel will turn to The Ultimate Accountants’ Reference time and again for quick, reliable answers to everyday issues.

About the Author

Steven Bragg, CPA, CMA, CIA, CPIM, has been the chief financial officer or controller of four companies, as well as a consulting manager at Ernst & Young. He received a Master's degree in finance from Bentley College, an MBA from Babson College, and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Maine. He is the author of many books published by John Wiley & Sons.

In this Book

  • The Ultimate Accountants' Reference – Including GAAP, IRS & SEC Regulations, Leases, and More
  • Introduction
  • The Role of Accounting
  • The Corporate Structure
  • Standard-Setting Organizations
  • Accounting Standards
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Laws Impacting Accounting
  • The Balance Sheet and Statement of Stockholders' Equity
  • The Income Statement
  • The Statement of Cash Flows
  • Footnotes
  • Internal Management Reports
  • Foreign Currency Translation
  • Cash, Prepaid Expenses, and Investments
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Current Liabilities and Contingencies
  • Debt
  • Equity
  • Stock Options
  • Revenue
  • Research and Development
  • Leases
  • Best Practices
  • Budgeting
  • Closing the Books
  • Control Systems
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Management Information Systems
  • Records Management
  • Customer Credit
  • Financing
  • Cash Management
  • Risk Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The Initial Public Offering
  • Bankruptcy
  • taxation