The Value of Business Analytics: Identifying the Path to Profitability

  • 5h 1m
  • Evan Stubbs
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2011

Dealing with the data deluge has become the albatross of the twenty-first century. For the first time ever, we have more data than we have storage capacity. Yet, competitive advantage comes from capitalizing on what makes you unique, which means leveraging your single biggest resource: your data! Developed for senior management who want to change from a "gut feel" to a fact-driven corporate environment, The Value of Business Analytics provides an integrated framework for launching and communicating the value of business analytics in your organization.

This groundbreaking resource defines what business analytics is, the immense value it brings to an organization, and how to harness its power to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Author Evan Stubbs provides managers with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to get the organizational commitment you need to get business analytics up and running in your company.

In The Value of Business Analytics, you'll discover how to successfully extract the maximum amount of useful information from your ever-increasing data repositories. The book explores how mapping tactical activities to strategic outcomes makes it easier not only to create a vision, but also to get management to align with it. Stubbs demonstrates how to set a vision, deliver it, and avoid common execution issues. He also reveals why it's not the technical details that are important, but rather an understanding of how organizational dynamics can help or hurt your success.

Providing a strategic plan to help you implement a successful business analytics program, The Value of Business Analytics shows you how to:

  • Use analytics to create a competitive advantage
  • Help teams understand and overcome tactical challenges
  • Define the value of analytics
  • Overcome challenges and communication breakdowns
  • Build a successful execution plan and deliver returns
  • Establish a measurement framework
  • Bring everything together by applying the real-world lessons to your own organization

Translating massive amounts of data into real insight is beyond magic—it's competitive advantage distilled. Nothing else offers an equivalent level of agility, productivity improvement, or renewable value. Whether you're looking to quantify the value of your work or generate organizational support, learn how to leverage advanced business analytics with the hands-on guidance found in The Value of Business Analytics.

About the Author

Evan Stubbs has over 10 years' experience helping organizations extract value from business analytics. A recognized expert in innovation, Evan has a background advising as a management consultant with KPMG Consulting, providing architectural strategy with Deloitte, and managing innovation within General Motors's research and development activities.

Over the course of his career he has delivered projects as diverse as identifying viral churn within telecommunications through social network analysis, implementing an analytics-based policy planning tool kit within the public sector, and creating a human–machine interface and entertainment system for a concept car. A champion for innovation and improvement, he advises organizations across multiple industry sectors and assists companies in achieving best practices in analytics.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • Introduction and Background
  • The Importance of Business Analytics
  • The Challenges of Tactical Delivery
  • Defining the Value of Business Analytics
  • Communicating the Value Proposition
  • Creating the Execution Plan and Delivering Value
  • Delivering the Measurement Framework
  • Bringing It All Together