The YOU of Leadership: An Intuitive Approach to Effective Business Leadership

  • 1h 55m
  • Twan van de Kerkhof
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2013

This fascinating book provides a new and modern perspective on business leadership and what it takes to succeed. It argues that the essence of leadership is to perceive the world as a place of opportunities. Leadership today is about connecting with the world outside, connecting with your world within, and then acting differently as a leader in order to take advantage of the opportunities before you. Through unique research and observation, the author provides new thinking on what business leaders have to do to drive their businesses in today’s complex business world. It will help managers and executives understand themselves and the business mechanisms surrounding them, and enable them to find new and more successful ways to lead.

About the Author

Twan van de Kerkhof is the founder of the European Leadership Platform (headquartered in Amsterdam), a roundtable and discussion group for leading business leaders, and author of six other management books.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Society
  • The Organization
  • Individual Leaders
  • Inside Leaders
  • From Intuition to Inner Wisdom
  • Becoming Shockingly Effective
  • Astronaut in Inner Space
  • The Journey Begins
  • The L-Word
  • Introduction
  • The Individual Leader
  • The Organization
  • Society
  • Epilogue
  • Thank You
  • Sources and Bibliography