TheTop Performer's Guide to Attitude

  • 1h 13m
  • Gary DeMoss, Marc A. Ybaben, Tim Ursiny
  • Sourcebooks
  • 2008

The Top Performer's Guide to Attitude examines the crucial topic of attitude in the workplace, in a short guide that employees will want to read and managers will want to give out.

Bad attitude can break a workforce; good attitude can bring it to new heights. Top performers must know how to capture the power of attitude both in themselves and their coworkers.

In this short and effective guide, Ursiny and DeMoss give the tools and techniques needed to come out on top:

  • Making smart choices
  • Focusing your actions
  • Empathizing and strategizing
  • Picking your relationships
  • A weekly attitude plan

Using exercises and checklists, employees will find it easier to bring a positive and productive attitude to the workplace and managers will see a vast improvement in their staff.

About the Authors

Tim Ursiny, PhD, the founder of Advantage Coaching & Training, is a success coach specializing in human behavior and achievement in life and in the workplace. He is an expert on communication skills and conflict resolution. Before becoming one of the leading personal and business coaches in the country, he was a psychologist in private practice for seven years. He has authored and coauthored multiple books, including The Coward's Guide to Conflict, The Confidence Plan, Coaching the Sale, and many books in the Top Performer's series.

Gary DeMoss is director of Van Kampen Consulting, which provides communication and relationship skills training to financial advisors. Gary is a keynote speaker, seminar leader, and consultant to advisors who want to build their affluent client base, and he was recently selected as a platform speaker at the 2003 Million Dollar Round Table conference. He is the coauthor of the books Coaching the Sale, The Top Performer's Guide to Presentations, and The Financial Professional's Guide to Persuading 1 or 1,000.

Marc A. Ybaben, PhD, is a consulting psychologist, and has been an executive coach with Advantage Coaching & Training since 2000. He is a sought-after speaker and trainer, and specializes in individual and organizational performance enhancement projects. Marc is an expert in the assessment, selection, and development of leaders for emerging companies.

In this Book

  • What Top Performers Know about Attitude
  • How You See and Treat Yourself: Seven Choices about Your Personal Power
  • How You View and Interact with Others: Seven Choices about Your Coworkers
  • How You Perceive and Relate to the World: Seven Choices Related to Your Work
  • Build an Unbreakable Attitude


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