TIME!: 105 Ways to Get More Done Every Workday

  • 43m
  • David Cottrell
  • CornerStone Leadership Institute
  • 2010

One of the greatest challenges today is improving productivity and morale at the same time. This book provides practical tips on how to do that. The tips shared in Time! can help every employee find 10, 20 or even 90 minutes a day to invest more wisely.

Providing each person in your organization a copy of Time! is a great investment?. One employee wasting one hour a day could cost your organization $6,000 in productivity this year. This book will provide them the tools they need to make better choices with their time.


  1. Keep track of how you spend your time for two weeks. You may discover that you are investing time in things that are not important to achieving your goals.
  2. Think on paper. Writing things down minimizes confusion and stress.
  3. Control technology. Constantly checking e-mails can be a time-wasting addiction ... you do not go to your mailbox every 30 minutes, do you? Work your e-mails into your personal schedule and don’t let them control your day.
  4. Go to lunch at 11 am or 1 pm. Lunch at noon will conservatively cost you at least 15 minutes a day ... not a good investment.
  5. Continually ask yourself:What is the best use of my time right now?

About the Author

David Cottrell, president and CEO of CornerStone Leadership Institute, is an internationally known leadership consultant, educator, and speaker. His business experience includes leadership positions with Xerox and FedEx. He also led the successful turnaround of a Chapter 11 company before founding CornerStone in 1996.

David is a thought-provoking and electrifying professional speaker. His most popular topics are Monday Morning Leadership, Monday Morning Choices and Monday Morning Motivation. He has presented his leadership message to over 300,000 managers worldwide.

In this Book

  • Time! — 105 Ways to Get More Done Every Workday
  • Introduction
  • Rise and Shine
  • Get Your Act Together
  • Coddle Your Computer
  • Do It Now!
  • E-Mail Like A Pro
  • On The Phone
  • Talk Without Talking
  • Manage Your Paper
  • Guard Your Space
  • Plan a Meeting
  • Start the Meeting
  • Run the Meeting
  • End the Meeting
  • Ready for the Road
  • Fly Away
  • Take the Wheel
  • Covering the Basics
  • Back Home