Transforming Cybersecurity: Using COBIT 5

  • 2h 49m
  • 2013

The numbers of threats, risk scenarios and vulnerabilities have grown exponentially. Cybersecurity has evolved as a new field of interest, gaining political and societal attention. Given this magnitude, the future tasks and responsibilities associated with cybersecurity will be essential to organizational survival and profitability.

This publication applies the COBIT 5 framework and its component publications to transforming cybersecurity in a systemic way. First, the impacts of cybercrime and cyberwarfare on business and society are illustrated and put in context. This section shows the rise in cost and frequency of security incidents, including APT attacks and other threats with a critical impact and high intensity.

Second, the transformation addresses security governance, security management and security assurance. In accordance with the lens concept within COBIT 5, these sections cover all elements of the systemic transformation and cybersecurity improvements.

In this Book

  • Purpose of This Publication
  • Introduction
  • Impact of Cybercrime and Cyberwarfare on Business and Society
  • Threats, Vulnerabilities and Associated Risk
  • Security Governance
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Cybersecurity Assurance
  • Establishing and Evolving Systemic Security
  • Guiding Principles for Transforming Cybersecurity
  • Acronyms