Understanding the Indian Economy from the Post-Reforms of 1991, Volume I: History, Evolution, and Growth

  • 3h 29m
  • Shrawan Kumar Singh
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2020

This series is intended to serve as an introduction to the Indian Economy from the Post Reform of 1991.The author makes an endeavor to present how India's economic fortunes dwindled over the centuries. This first volume begins with an analysis of the history, evolution, and growth of the Indian economy through several periods along with their positive and negative aspects.

The author attempts to bring fairly interesting snapshots to highlight how the Indian economy has evolved over the years. The book provides history; traces the evolution of the economy during the early Muslim period and the Mughal Empire as well as during the British regime (1761 to 1947); and analyzes the impact of the British regime and the growth of the economy between 1947 and 1990. Points of analysis include policy framework-state and market; NITI Aayog-a think tank; the Indian polity-fiscal federalism; democracy and development; the economic policy regime prior to 1991; and economic reforms. The penultimate chapter looks at the future direction and task ahead of the economy. Finally, Indian economic thought is analyzed. There is plenty to discuss!

About the Author

As an academician, Shrawan Kumar Singh has experience in teaching, research, and writing that spans over six decades. Having served at the University of Delhi, Banaras Hindu University, and Ranchi University, he retired from the Indira Gandhi National Open University as professor and director of the School of Social Sciences. His field of interest is Indian economic policy, business environment, and international business. Shrawan has a number of publications to his credit in the form of books, articles, and papers in various journals. He has been a member of academic bodies such as the Academic Council and the Board of Courses of Studies as well as professional bodies

About the Author

As an academician, Shrawan Kumar Singh has experience in teaching, research, and writing that spans over six decades.

In this Book

  • The Economic History of India from the Paleolithic Period to 1200 CE
  • Evolution of the Indian Economy: The Early Muslim Period and the Mughal Empire (1200 to 1760)
  • Indian Economy during the British Regime (1761 to 1947)
  • Impact of the British Regime on the Indian Economy
  • Growth of the Indian Economy between 1947 and 1990
  • Policy Framework: State and Market
  • NITI Aayog: A Think Tank
  • Indian Polity: Fiscal Federalism
  • Democracy and Development
  • The Economic Policy Regime in India Prior to 1991
  • Economic Reforms in India
  • The Present State of the Indian Economy and the Task Ahead
  • Indian Economic Thought/Thinkers