Val IT Mapping: Mapping of Val IT 2.0 to MSP, PRINCE2 and ITIL V3

  • 50m
  • 2009

The Val IT framework is a collection of proven management practices and techniques for investment in IT-enabled business change and innovation. It allows enterprises to make better decisions on where to invest in business change, ensuring that they are doing the right things the right way, doing them well and getting benefits (the Four Ares)12 from them. Val IT fosters the partnership between IT and the rest of the enterprise.

Val IT does not operate in a vacuum. Today, several other standards and collections of best practices are available that show how to manage specific facets of the IT projects and programs within enterprises. This mapping initiative focuses on Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3, but there are other relevant frameworks, such as Gateway Reviews, the newly released Portfolio, Programme and Project Office Guidance (P3O) and The Standard for Portfolio Management. These and others may be referenced in future publications. At the time of developing this publication, P3O was not published so could not be included.

This publication provides a mapping to compare Val IT to MSP, PRINCE2 and ITIL V3. It shows practitioners of these frameworks how these frameworks are complementary and is particularly useful when implementing multiple frameworks.

In this Book

  • Executive Summary
  • Purpose of the Document
  • Methodology for the Mapping
  • Val IT 2.0 Overview
  • MSP Overview
  • PRINCE2 Overview
  • ITIL V3 Overview
  • High-Level Mappings
  • Detailed Mappings
  • References