Visio 2003 Bible

  • 13h 38m
  • Bonnie Biafore
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2004

If Visio 2003 can do it, you can do it, too…

Whether you’re designing a network, a business model, or an office building, Visio 2003 helps you transform your vision into something tangible. This comprehensive reference teaches you how to use this powerful combination of simple concepts and straightforward tools. You’ll discover new features of Visio 2003; how to integrate Visio drawings into other applications; how to use and customize specialized templates, stencils, and shapes; how Visio works with Office 2003 and AutoCAD; and much more.

Inside you’ll find complete coverage of Visio 2003

  • Learn to use the new features of both Visio Standard and Visio Professional
  • Produce diagrams by creating and editing shapes and connectors, then refine them with text and formatting tools
  • Dynamically update Visio drawings based on data stored in other applications
  • Document flowcharts, business processes, project scheduling, and brainstorming sessions
  • Explore the modeling tools available with the UML Model templates and develop different types of UML diagrams
  • Map existing Web sites and create conceptual diagrams
  • Use Visio’s Space Plan template to manage facilities as well as to plan space
  • Create custom collections of built-in shapes, including any you’ve modified and custom shapes you’ve developed

About the Author

Bonnie Biafore is an author as well as a project management consultant. As a consultant, she enjoys working with different clients and the diversity of projects she experiences, from CAD systems for structural steel fabrication to speech-enabled applications for telephone service field technicians and systems to manage hydroelectric power. While she’s sometimes tough on her clients, she is a far worse taskmaster for herself.

Bonnie has written several books, including Troubleshooting Microsoft Project 2002 (Microsoft Press) and The NACI Stock Selection Handbook (NAIC). Since August 2000 she has been writing for Better Investing magazine, a monthly column called Web Watch, which delves into the use of the World Wide Web for investing and how to develop good investing habits and smart and safe computer practices.

She is well known for her clear explanations of technical topics, whether it’s the inscrutable workings of computer software of the enigma of high finance. She applies her education from MIT and Columbia University to digest technical topics and then puts her organizational skills and humor to work to present material that engages beginners and experts alike.

Her education and work experience make her the ideal author for this Visio book. With a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering, she is well versed in using Visio for architecture and engineering and integrating it with CAD applications. As a project manager and consultant, she constantly applies Visio to office productivity problems. As a software project manager and application developer, she has also used Visio to document databases, software systems, and networks. As an engineer, she is fascinated with both the simplicity and power of Visio and enjoys experimenting with its customization and automation features.

In this Book

  • Visio 2003 Bible
  • Getting Started with Visio
  • Getting Started with Drawings
  • Working with Visio Files
  • Working with Shapes
  • Connecting Shapes
  • Working with Text
  • Formatting Visio Elements
  • Inserting, Linking, and Embedding Objects
  • Importing, Exporting, and Publishing Visio Data to the Web
  • Linking Shapes with Data
  • Collaborating with Others
  • Building Block Diagrams
  • Constructing Charts and Graphs
  • Working with Organization Charts
  • Working with Flowcharts
  • Documenting Business Processes
  • Scheduling Projects with Visio
  • Documenting Brainstorming Sessions
  • Modeling and Documenting Databases
  • Building UML Models
  • Building Software Development Diagrams
  • Mapping Web Sites
  • Creating Network Diagrams
  • Working with Scaled Drawings
  • Creating Scaled Plan Drawings
  • Laying Out Architectural and Engineering Plans
  • Planning Space and Managing Facilities
  • Integrating CAD and Visio
  • Working with Engineering Drawings
  • Creating and Customizing Templates
  • Creating and Customizing Stencils
  • Creating and Customizing Shapes
  • Customizing Shapes Using ShapeSheets
  • Formatting with Styles
  • Customizing Toolbars and Menus
  • Automating Visio
  • Installing Visio 2003
  • Visio 2003 Help Resources
  • Additional Resources for Templates and Stencils
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Template and Stencil Reference


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