Visual Basic for Testers

  • 8h 7m
  • Mary Romero Sweeney
  • Apress
  • 2001
  • The only book on the market that teaches Visual Basic from the perspective of a software tester
  • Learn programming concepts necessary to successfully write automated test code
  • Practical guide, loaded with examples provided by real testers with real-world experience in writing Visual Basic test code
  • Considers how VB.NET and its focus on Web services will change the testing environment for VB programmers

The goal of Visual Basic for Testers is to teach readers how to use Visual Basic to increase their level of sophistication as a tester. Readers will learn how to use Visual Basic to write an automated testing project and what to look for in a well-written VB program. Mary Sweeney will help testers gain the experience necessary both to use Visual Basic to support an automated test project as well as to test a commercial application written in Visual Basic.

Visual Basic for Testers is easy to read and understand, and is not intended to be a high-level technical reference. Rather, it is a practical guide with many examples provided by real testers with real-world experience in writing Visual Basic test code. It is useful for those considering a career in testing for software development.

Since testers often want to move to development tracks, readers will also learn a lot about programming and the issues involved in maintenance and debugging.

About the Author

Mary Romero Sweeney, in addition to working for the VeriTest (formerly Data Dimensions, Inc.) as a Senior Technical Instructor and Automation Specialist and for Bellevue Community College as a Senior Instructor, also does independend consultation and training. VB, of course, is her favorite programming language. She has a B.S. in mathematics and computer science from Seattle University and is a Washington State Master Gardener.

In this Book

  • Automated Software Testing Overview
  • Getting Started with Visual Basic on an Automated Testing Project
  • Introduction to the Visual Basic Development Environment
  • Understanding Visual Basic Application Essentials
  • Creating Test Utilities
  • Testing with the Windows Registry
  • Introduction to the Windows Application Programmer's Interface (API)
  • Introduction to Database Testing
  • Introduction to Testing COM Components
  • Testing the Web with Visual Basic
  • VB.NET: Brave New World
  • From Tester to Tester: Advice to the Visual Basic Automator