Visual Design of GraphQL Data: A Practical Introduction with Legacy Data and Neo4j

  • 54m
  • Thomas Frisendal
  • Apress
  • 2018

Get an introduction to the visual design of GraphQL data and concepts, including GraphQL structures, semantics, and schemas in this compact, pragmatic book. In it you will see simple guidelines based on lessons learned from real-life data discovery and unification, as well as useful visualization techniques. These in turn help you improve the quality of your API designs and give you the skills to produce convincing visual communications about the structure of your API designs.

Finally, Visual Design of GraphQL Data shows you how to handle GraphQL with legacy data as well as with Neo4j graph databases. Spending time on schema quality means that you will work from sharper definitions, which in turn leads to greater productivity and well-structured applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Create quality GraphQL data designs
  • Avoid structural mistakes
  • Draw highly communicative property graph diagrams of your APIs

Who This Book Is For

Web developers and data architects who work with GraphQL and other APIs to build modern applications.

About the Author

Thomas Frisendal is an experienced data guy with more than 30 years on the IT vendor side and as an independent consultant. He has worked with databases and data modeling since the late 70s; since 1995 primarily on data warehouse projects. He has a strong urge to visualize everything as graphs - even data models. He excels in the art of turning data into information and knowledge. His approach to information-driven analysis and design is "New Nordic" in the sense that it represents the traditional Nordic values such as superior quality, functionality, reliability and innovation by new ways of communicating the structure and meaning of the business context. Thomas is an active writer and speaker. He has previously published Design Thinking Business Analysis: Business Concept Mapping Applied (Springer, 2012) and Graph Data Modeling for NoSQL and SQL: Visualize Structure and Meaning (Technics Publications, 2017). He blogs at Dataversity. Thomas lives in Copenhagen.

In this Book

  • Visual Design of GraphQL Data
  • GraphQL Concepts
  • Getting Started
  • An Email Example
  • Business Meaning
  • Presenting the Business Flow
  • Content Matters
  • Getting the Structure Right
  • From Graph to Trees
  • Resolving Legacy SQL Data Issues
  • Using GraphQL with an Existing Graph Database
  • Using GraphQL with a New Graph Database