Vue. JS Framework: Design and Implementation

  • 9h 22m
  • HcySun Yang
  • Springer
  • 2022

Vue.js, as the Data-driven front-end framework, stands out as one of the mainstream choices for front-end developers. This book provides a detailed introduction of Vue.js framework design principles, including an overview of framework design, response systems, renderers, componentization, compilers, and server-side rendering. Based on Vue.js 3 and strict compliance with the specifications, this book starts from source code with a large number of visual diagrams combined, explaining the implementation of each functional module in Vue.js step by step.

By reading this book, developers with hands-on experience with Vue.js 2/3 will be able to further understand the implementation details of Vue.js framework, while front-end developers who are not experienced in vue.js but interested in framework design can quickly grasp the design principle of vue.js.

About the Author

HcySun Yang is the core member of the official Vue.js team, focusing on web R&D. He is one of the core contributors of Vue.js 3, the author of Vuese (a vue.js document generator), an active member of the technical community. He has written a number of well-received technical blogs. He is also an inspirational programmer who has worked for ByteDance, Meituan, and other major Internet companies. In addition, he was a special guest speaker at the 2021 Vue Conf conference.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Art of Trade-Offs
  • Core Elements of Framework Design
  • Design Patterns of Vue.js 3
  • The Role and Implementation of Response System
  • Responsive Schemes for Non-Original Values
  • Responsive Schemes for Raw Values
  • Renderer Design
  • Mount and Update
  • Simple Diff Algorithms
  • Double-Ended Diff Algorithms
  • Fast Diff Algorithms
  • Implementation Principles of Components
  • Asynchronous Components and Functional Components
  • Built-In Components and Modules
  • Overview of Core Technologies of Compilers
  • Parsers
  • Compilation Optimization
  • Isomorphic Rendering