Vue.js: Understanding its Tools and Ecosystem

  • 1h 58m
  • Dave Berning
  • Bleeding Edge Press
  • 2018

With this book, you will get a crash course on the main Vue.js library to first understand it’s main concepts and syntax. Although prior Vue.js experience is not needed, it is recommended. This book covers all of the important tools and ecosystem, and these most of these tools have been created by the Core Team and some from its Community Partners. This book will also go over the main Vue.js library, as well as it’s first-party accompanying libraries: Vuex for state management and Vue Router for routing. In addition to those, the book will also get you acquainted with Community Partner frameworks like NativeScript for native mobile app development, and Nuxt.js for server-rendered applications. Other technologies covered (some of which were released this year) include: TypeScript, Vue DevTools, Vue CLI 3, and VuePress. With Vue.js: Understanding It’s Tools and Ecosystem, you will quickly learn Vue.js and the popular technologies that make up its every growing ecosystem. By the end of this book, you should be able to navigate and create enterprise level applications using Vue.js and it’s tools. So, get familiar here with one of the fastest growing frameworks and communities in the front-end world today!

In this Book

  • Getting Started with Vue.js
  • Scaffolding Projects With Vue CLI 3
  • Navigation with Vue Router
  • State Management with Vuex
  • Debugging With Vue DevTools
  • Server-Side Rendering with Nuxt.js
  • Static Site Generation with Vuepress
  • Mobile App Development with Nativescript for Vue.js
  • Greater Control of Javascript and Type Casting with Typescript
  • The Future of Vue.js and Adoption Rates