Warehousing and Transportation Logistics: Systems, Planning, Application and Cost Effectiveness

  • 8h 31m
  • Heinrich Martin
  • Kogan Page
  • 2018

Warehousing and Transportation Logistics examines professional transport and warehousing logistics, and offers an overview of all logistics functions for the area of internal business logistics, so-called intra-logistics, with a particular focus on transport, warehousing and assembly logistics. It includes interfaces such as unit creation, material flow or goods storage as well as systems and management for planning or information to identify objects, control and processing of orders. This book does not just contain specialist knowledge for students of technical subjects, but it also serves as a practice-oriented book for the planning of bachelor and master degree theses, with a multitude of useful information and ideas. It is also a workbook for professional practitioners, production, planning and industrial engineers, who are specifically concerned with the planning side of this specialist area.

Warehousing and Transport Logistics covers transportation, information systems, procurement, finance, performance metrics as well as warehousing and distribution. There are more than 200 examples with solutions outlining the disadvantages of depending, and about 250 questions to encourage independent learning.

About the Author

Professor Heinrich Martin was a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg for over 30 years, and has been a visiting lecturer in universities around the world. He received his Ph.D. in logistics and business management from the Technical University of Berlin, and his areas of expertise include transportation systems, warehousing systems, order picking systems, material flow systems and factory planning. Dr Martin has lead multiple projects with numerous organizations and more than 350 students.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Abbreviations
  • Glossary
  • Business and Logistics
  • Material Flow Logistics
  • Cargo, Packaging, Loading Unit
  • Transport Logistics Basics
  • Continuous Conveyors
  • Discontinuous Conveyors
  • Handling Logistics
  • Handling
  • The Basics of Warehousing and Order Picking Logistics
  • Warehousing and Shelving Types
  • Order Picking Systems
  • Planning Systematics and Project Management
  • Information Logistics


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