Web Content Management with Documentum: Set up, Design, Develop, and Deploy Documentum Applications

  • 5h 3m
  • Gaurav Kathuria
  • Packt Publishing
  • 2006

One of the world leaders in Enterprise Content Management, the EMC Documentum family of applications helps you manage all types of content across multiple departments within a single repository. With the Web Content Management suite of applications, you can efficiently manage content and underlying processes for your Web properties, and ensures that they are responsive to business needs.

To fully realize the power of this system can seem daunting, but this book will help you achieve that. With easy to follow examples, this book will take you the simplest and most straightforward route to success. Along the way, you will learn insights that only a seasoned professional would know.

Packed with practical examples, you will get hands-on with the powerful features of Documentum to grow your skills and confidence. You will see tips and tricks to handle complexities of the system, and avoid the common errors that waste your time.

From installing and getting started with Documentum, you will see how to design and develop Documentum applications, before rounding off with deployment.

  • Understand the basic components of the Documentum system
  • Install, configure, and get started with Documentum
  • Design Documentum applications and custom object types
  • Create rules and presentation files
  • Master workflows and create custom workflows
  • Deploy Documentum applications

About the Author

Gaurav Kathuria completed his B. Tech. (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering from I.I.T. Kharagpur in the year 2000 and has since been a prominent performer in diverse software fields, from IT services through product development to software consultancy.

He has a rich experience of designing, developing, and managing software systems using object-oriented languages and technologies like Java/J2EE and Documentum.

He started working with Documentum 4i in the year 2001 and has ever since had an extensive experience architecting/designing complex Documentum 4i and 5x projects.

He has also given in-house training on Documentum system architecture, fundamentals, and Web Publisher in many of the organizations he has worked in.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • Content and Documentum
  • Documentum Essentials
  • Documentum Advanced Concepts
  • Web Content Management System
  • Setting Up the Documentum Suite
  • Creating Our First Docbase
  • Setting Up Publishing
  • Setting Up Documentum Application Builder
  • Setting Up Documentum Administrator and Web Publisher
  • Designing Documentum Applications
  • Designing and Creating Custom Object Types
  • Creating Lifecycles, Alias Sets, and Permission Sets
  • Working with Web Publisher Template Files
  • Creating Rules Files
  • Creating Presentation Files
  • Folder Mapping
  • Using Instruction Files
  • Automatic Property Extraction (APE)
  • Working with Workflows
  • Testing Custom Workflows
  • Publishing from Docbase Using SCS
  • Web Viewing Content Files
  • Using DFC
  • Configurations and Customizations Using WDK
  • Documentum Deployment
  • Using DQL and API Commands