Web Hosting For Dummies

  • 4h 38m
  • Peter Pollock
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2013

Host your own website or blog with this unique guide

If you'd like to make the leap from a hosted environment to a self-hosted service, this book is for you. You may be making the move from casual blogging to professional blogging. Or, you might already be self-hosting, but want a good guide to show you how to get more out of your plan. In simple, easy-to-understand language, this helpful book breaks down all the functions of web hosting for self-hosted users, from setting up new e-mail accounts to backing up and securing your site, analyzing server logs, choosing a platform to install, and more.

  • Breaks down the functions of web hosting for new self-hosters, including casual bloggers who may be moving into professional blogging
  • Helps those who are already self-hosting maximize the services they are paying for
  • Offers a one-stop, complete resource on web hosting, rather than just a few chapters, as in many blogging books
  • Covers setting up and using e-mail accounts, working with FTP clients, backing up and securing sites, using cloud services, understanding domains and DNS, using built-in databases, and more

Web Hosting For Dummies helps you take charge of your own web hosting and having fun in the process!

About the Author

Peter Pollock is a blogger, web host, and speaker who has addressed such groups as the Type-A Blogger's Conference and BlogWorld New Media Expo. He loves sharing what he's learned about web hosting, site security, and building websites.

In this Book

  • Explaining Web Hosting in Real-World Terms
  • Evaluating Web Hosting Technologies
  • Using Hosted E-mail
  • Managing Files
  • Working with Databases—It's Essential
  • Protecting and Speeding Up Your Site by Understanding Logs
  • Building Your Site Using Scripts
  • Taking Command of Website Security
  • Decoding Domains and DNS
  • Configuring Advanced Functions in cPanel
  • Managing Your Control Panel from a Mobile Device
  • Troubleshooting and Resolving Issues
  • Moving to a New Host
  • Making the Right Technology Choices
  • Keeping the Lid on Pandora's Box with WebHost Manager
  • Getting Down to the Command Line with Secure SHell
  • Ten Invaluable Free Apps
  • Ten Things Your Host Won't Help with (for Free)
  • Ten Essential Online Resources