Website Optimization: An Hour a Day

  • 7h 6m
  • Rich Page
  • Sybex
  • 2012

Captivate your website visitors, supercharge your conversion rates and beat your online competition!

This hands-on resource steps you through the tools, best practices, test ideas and strategies needed to effectively optimize and improve any kind of website and generate more revenue from it. From optimizing calls-to-action and text to using advanced personalization and targeting techniques, you'll dive into the crucial areas of this exciting new field. This book also takes a unique approach by using best practices from web analytics, web usability and online marketing to help you get the most out of your optimization efforts.

  • Zeroes in on fundamentals such as understanding key metrics, choosing analytics tools, reasearcing your visitors, and crafting a plan for what to test and optimize
  • Walks you through testing many types of web pages including the homepage, product and lead generation pages, and checkout pages
  • Guides you through important optimization areas such as optimizing calls-to-action, navigation, headlines and images
  • Addresses advanced topics including mobile website optimization, paid search optimization, email marketing optimization, rich media, and more
  • Includes hundreds of test ideas, 75 website optimization tools, and a website optimization checklist to help you with your efforts

Full of best practices and helpful examples drawn from the author's own experience, Website Optimization: An Hour a Day is the complete solution for anyone who wants to get the best possible results from their website.

About the Author

Rich Page is a Conversion Specialist at Adobe, working with Fortune 500 clients to help improve their website optimization strategies. Rich has been analyzing, testing, and improving websites for over 10 years and has previously worked for Disney Online in their web analytics and optimization team. He has a unique background of online marketing, web usability, and analytics, and has a popular web analytics and optimization blog at He is also a regular speaker at industry conferences and the coauthor of Landing Page Optimization, Second Edition.

In this Book

  • Setting the Website Optimization Scene
  • Set up and Improve Usage of Key Web Analytics and Testing Tools
  • Lay the Foundations for Optimization Success
  • Understand Your Visitors and their Needs—the Keys to Website Optimization
  • Build the Foundation of a Better Converting Website
  • Learn the Power of Influence and Persuasion on Visitors and Conversions
  • Optimization Best Practices and Test Ideas for Different Page Types and Flows
  • Keep them Coming Back—Optimize for Repeat Visits
  • Review and Learn from Your Results, and Keep Testing and Optimizing