What Every New Manager Needs to Know: Making a Successful Transition to Management

  • 4h 14m
  • Gerard H. Gaynor
  • 2004

Companies depend on the ability of managers to fulfill organizational vision and meet crucial objectives. But without a firm grasp of critical management competencies, new managers’ own futures—as well as the company’s—can be at serious risk.

What Every New Manager Needs to Know gives readers the skills they need to excel in their new responsibilities, such as managing the relationship between individual and team performance, making key people decisions like hiring, coaching and evaluating, developing budgets, and mastering the skills of project management. The book explores the key roles managers must take on in different situations, and answers fundamental questions like:

  • What does it mean to be a manager?
  • What work can be delegated to others?
  • When is it—and isn’t it—appropriate to take on an active leadership role?

Featuring examples and stories, What Every New Manager Needs to Know shows newly appointed managers how to think outside the cubicle and excel in their new roles.

About the Author

Gerard H. (Gus) Gaynor has more than 45 years’ experience as a manager, including 24 years at 3M. He is the author of Innovation by Design.

In this Book

  • Getting Started as a Manager
  • The Seven Management Hats
  • Making the Critical People Decisions
  • Managing Individual and Team Relationships
  • Project Management
  • Finding the Time and Doing the Work
  • Leadership and Communications
  • Thinking Your Way to Success
  • Measuring Your Chances of Success
  • Managing Your Career