What it Takes: An Attitude of Hard Work, Commitment and Purpose

  • 3h 34m
  • Mark Bouris
  • Allen & Unwin
  • 2013

What It Takes is a fresh look at the things that really drive people to get what they want from their working lives: things like purpose, commitment and relentless hard work.

What It Takes will challenge you to decide what you want to achieve in your working life and inspire you to do it. It will remind you that whatever path you travel in your professional life, a sense of purpose is a strength that triumphs over all others.

Mark Bouris provides no-nonsense, no-holds-barred advice on everything from having the right attitude to facing the tough questions and finding the answers. Anyone wanting to take the next step in their working lives will benefit from the experience of a man whose long career has included life as a professional, entrepreneurial business builder, company director, university lecturer, public speaker and mentor.

Whether you're a school leaver or a parent of one, a mid-level manager or a high-flying executive; whether you're switching careers or wanting to grow your business, What It Takes is an inspirational and practical guide to achieving what you want on your own terms.

About the Author

Mark Bouris has been a leading figure in the finance and property sectors for over 25 years. As well as being the Chairman of Wizard Home Loans, he chairs the Australian Financial Investments Group and financial services group, Yellow Brick Road. In 2004 he was appointed Adjunct Professor (Banking & Finance and Business Law & Tax) at the University of New South Wales and is an industry leader on consumer protection issues.

In this Book

  • Success is Attitude
  • Putting in the Hard Work
  • Being Relentless
  • Know Your Purpose
  • What it Takes
  • So You Want Your Own Business
  • The Reality of Business Ownership
  • What Sort of Business Owner are You?
  • Business Types
  • Employees
  • Growth-Focused Employees
  • Building a Business
  • Getting Started—the Business Plan
  • Running a Business
  • Building Your Team
  • Leadership
  • Towards an Exit
  • Getting Out
  • Your Business and You
  • Stepping away from Yourself
  • Looking after Yourself