What You Aren't Seeing: How Using Your Hidden Potential Can Help You Discover the Leader Within: The Inspiring Story of Herb Greenberg

  • 4h 21m
  • Patrick Sweeney
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2015

What You Aren’t Seeing uniquely combines the uplifting story of Herbert Greenberg, the founder of a global management consulting firm, with insights into the psychology of leaders and practical guidance on uncovering and developing true leadership potential in yourself and others.

This life-changing guide shows you how to question your habits, preconceptions, and strategies for connecting with people in order to identify your personal leadership strengths and optimize them for personal and career growth. By using the same approach to draw out others’ stories, you can relate in meaningful ways, see their potential, and help them become more influential players on team initiatives.

While following Herb’s firsthand accounts of losing his sight, then gaining a perspective, you will hear an inspiring personal story of setbacks and triumph, while also learning:

  • The eighteen principles of extraordinary leadership organized to provide the convenience of a how-to guide
  • Accessible explanations of the psychological underpinnings that motivate us, attract people to us, and drive us to take risks and challenge the status quo
  • Thought-provoking discussions and focus questions to embolden you to dig deep into the core of your character and fortify your leadership presence

Whether you’re beginning your career or want to become a more formidable leader, mastering the social cues and strategies for interacting in inspiring ways gives you a distinct competitive advantage¯What You Aren’t Seeing is exactly where you need to look to gain an edge.

About the Author

Patrick Sweeney is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who has engaged audiences around the world on how to recognize and develop their true potential.

In this Book

  • What You Aren't Seeing—How Using Your Hidden Potential Can Help You Discover the Leader Within
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Are You Connecting?
  • Back to Brooklyn
  • Spots Before His Eyes
  • Learning What to Accept and What to Fight For
  • Getting from Here to There
  • Advancing in Degrees
  • Staring Prejudice Down
  • Sensing an Opportunity
  • The Tests of Being an Entrepreneur
  • Never Being Satisfied
  • Welfare to Work
  • Looking Far and Wide
  • Seeing Inside and Out
  • Sports
  • New Ways to Lead
  • Back Against the Wall
  • The Future
  • What’s Your Story?
  • Conclusion—Your Next Step


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