Wicked Cool Perl Scripts: Useful Perl Scripts that Solve Difficult Problems

  • 3h 46m
  • Steve Oualline
  • No Starch Press
  • 2006

You can do a lot of strange and wonderful things with the Perl language—if you know how. Many Perl programmers have been frustrated at one time or another because the system was missing some simple and obvious utility. Wicked Cool Perl Scripts is your guide to writing those utilities quickly and easily.

This book contains a wide variety of scripts including ones that make use of really cool Perl features and Internet data mining.

It also contains games, programs to make a system administration easier, and even a program to help someone hiking the Grand Canyon.

Even the most experienced programmer can benefit from the Regular Expression Grapher which shows you how a complex expression like /^.*(a|b|c).=$/ can be made into a simple, easily-understood graph.

If you’re a Perl programmer who wants to learn the ins and outs as well as the hidden corners of the language, Wicked Cool Perl Scripts will show you how simple and elegant hacks as well as some extreme examples of power programming. With Wicked Cool Perl Scripts in hand, you’ll be doing things you never even thought possible in Perl. You’ll be using the language to do real work, of course, but you’ll also be producing wickedly cool programs.

About the Author

Steve Oualline has been a programmer for 35 years. He is the author of many best-selling computer books, including Practical C Programming (O’Reilly), Practical C++ Programming (O’Reilly), Perl for C Programmers (New Riders), and How Not to Program in C++ (No Starch Press).

In this Book

  • General-Purpose Utilities
  • Website Management
  • CGI Debugging
  • CGI Programs
  • Internet Data Mining
  • UNIX System Administration
  • Picture Utilities
  • Games and Learning Tools
  • Development Tools
  • Mapping
  • Regular Expression Grapher