Windows Software Compatibility and Hardware Troubleshooting

  • 1h 33m
  • Andrew Bettany, Mike Halsey
  • Apress
  • 2015

As companies keep their existing hardware and operating systems for more years than ever before, the need to diagnose and repair problems is becoming ever more important for IT Pros and system administrators.

Whatever version of Windows you’re using (including Windows 10) you’ll likely need to maintain compatibility with older software that the company must use for mission-critical operations, or older hardware that’s required for specific purposes, but you don’t want to sacrifice security for the sake of compatibility. In this brief book you’ll learn how to maintain optimal compatibility with the older software and devices that you need to use.

The authors are well-versed in training in classrooms and video, with Andrew Bettany running the IT Academy at the University of York, and IT Masterclasses and Mike Halsey being a teacher, tech-book author, and having produced many tutorial videos under the brand PC

About the Authors

Mike Halsey was first awarded a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in 2011. He is the author of more than ten Windows books, including Troubleshooting Windows 7: Inside Out (Microsoft Press, 2010), Troubleshoot and Optimize Windows 8: Inside Out (Microsoft Press, 2012), Beginning Windows 10 (Apress, 2015), and Windows 10 Troubleshooting (Apress, 2016). He is also the author of other Windows Troubleshooting books in this series.

Based in Sheffield, UK, where he lives with his rescue Border Collie, Jed, he gives many talks on Windows subjects, from productivity to security, and makes help, how-to, and troubleshooting videos under the banner PC

Andrew Bettany, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awardee since 2012 (Windows IT Pro) and Microsoft Certified Trainer, is the technical editor of several titles, and the coauthor of Exam Ref 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 (Microsoft Press, 2013) and Microsoft Official Curriculum courses 20687D, 20688D, and 20689D (2014). He is the author of multiple books in the Apress Windows Troubleshooting series.

A regular speaker and attendee at IT professionals’ events, TechEd, and Ignite conferences, Andrew also devotes time to building out the Windows User Group, a United Kingdom–wide community, and manages the University of York IT Academy.

In this Book

  • All About Compatibility
  • Common Software Compatibility Issues
  • Common Hardware Compatibility Issues
  • Resolving Software Compatibility Issues
  • Resolving Hardware Compatibility Issues
  • External Factors That Affect Hardware


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