Winning Under Fire: Turn Stress into Success the U.S. Army Way

  • 3h 39m
  • Dale Collie
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2017

A manager's guide to winning on the business battlefield from one of Fast Company's Fast 50 Innovative Leaders

For the U.S. Army, grace under fire isn't an ideal. It's standard operating procedure. In Winning Under Fire, managers discover Army techniques for managing stress in the heat of battle, and learn how to put them to work in their organizations. Written by a retired Army major who was one of Fast Company's Fast 50 Innovative Leaders in 2002, Winning Under Fire combines military know-how and business savvy to show managers how to:

  • Channel stress into positive energy for obtaining goals
  • Detect and eliminate stress fractures in an organization
  • Stay resilient under all conditions
  • Build teams that work under any extremes
  • Prepare a game plan to get them through every battle
  • Be a great leader in times of great duress

About the Authors

Major Dale Collie (ret.) served as a United States Army Ranger and troop commander in Europe and Vietnam and was awarded a Purple Heart. He was sales manager of two Fortune 500 companies and, most recently, president of an international charity that he turned around from bankruptcy into a $37 million operation. Named as one of America's Fast 50 Innovative Leaders by Fast Company, he currently runs a consulting practice, Courage Builders, which teaches the Army's techniques to businesses and individuals.

In this Book

  • Under Fire
  • Stress Triggers
  • The Stress Edge
  • Exposing Weaknesses
  • Information and Communications
  • Being Prepared
  • Teamwork and Stress Management
  • Practice
  • The Ultimate Test
  • Channeling Fear into Focus
  • Your Battle Plan
  • Discipline
  • The Element of Surprise
  • Leadership
  • Strive for Excellence