Wire Bonding in Microelectronics, Third Edition

  • 8h 29m
  • George Harman
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2010

The definitive resource on the critical process of connecting semiconductors with their packages. Wire Bonding in Microelectronics, Third Edition, has been thoroughly revised to help you meet the challenges of today's small-scale and fine-pitch microelectronics. This authoritative guide covers every aspect of designing, manufacturing, and evaluating wire bonds engineered with cutting-edge techniques. In addition to gaining a full grasp of bonding technology, you'll learn how to create reliable bonds at exceedingly high yields, test wire bonds, solve common bonding problems, implement molecular cleaning methods, and much more.


  • Ultrasonic bonding systems and technologies, including high-frequency systems
  • Bonding wire metallurgy and characteristics, including copper wire
  • Wire bond testing
  • Gold-aluminum intermetallic compounds and other interface reactions
  • Gold and nickel-based bond pad plating materials and problems
  • Cleaning to improve bondability and reliability
  • Mechanical problems in wire bonding
  • High-yield, fine-pitch, specialized-looping, soft-substrate, and extreme-temperature wire bonds
  • Copper, low-dielectric-constant (Cu/Lo-k) technology and problems
  • Wire bonding process modeling and simulation

About the Author

George G. Harman is a Fellow of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Semiconductor Electronics Division.

In this Book

  • The Technical Introduction to the Third Edition
  • Ultrasonic Bonding Systems and Technologies, Including a Description of the Ultrasonic Wire Bonding Mechanism
  • Bonding Wire Metallurgy and Characteristics That Can Affect Bonding, Reliability, or Testing
  • Wire Bond Testing
  • Gold-Aluminum Intermetallic Compounds and Other Metallic Interface Reactions in Wire Bonding
  • Introduction to Plating, Section A (Gold) and Section B (Nickel-Based) Bond Pad Technology and Reliability
  • Cleaning to Improve Bondability and Reliability
  • Mechanical Problems in Wire Bonding
  • Advanced and Specialized Wire Bonding Technologies: (Including High Yield, Fine Pitch, PCBs, Soft Substrates, Extreme Temperature Wire Bonding and Specialized Looping)
  • An Overview of the Materials and Material Science of Copper, Low-k Devices That Affect Bonding and Packaging
  • Wire Bonding Process Modeling and Simulation