Women in Aviation: Management, Talent and Empowerment During Crisis Era

  • 4h 40m
  • Nor Aida Abdul Rahman, Nurhayati Mohd Nur
  • Springer
  • 2023

This book is a comprehensive review and empirical study on women capacity building, leadership characteristics, talent management and women challenges in crises era from an aviation perspective.

This book offers a blend of comprehensive and extensive high quality research outputs from highly reputed authors and editors. This book aims to address the following objectives:

  • explores the women empowerment facets in aviation and its challenges in crisis era, which will be covered throughout the book. Such facets of women empowerment include women awareness of the right of equality, self-confidence, changes in society and at the workplace and capacity building.
  • examines the women leadership values in aviation, which will be covered throughout the book. Such leadership values include women leader behaviour, impact and followers, leadership characteristics and technology skills
  • covers key challenges that women in aviation experiencing during crisis era of pandemic Covid-19, war crisis and disaster
  • readers will be able to understand women research studies in unexplored field, aviation from different points of view. In this sense, they will be able to compare, contrast and comprehend whether the women issue from aviation sector are difference lenses, and delivered similarly or otherwise in different sector or parts of the world. This enables readers to understand differences and subsequent application towards women empowerment and leadership in wider context
  • readers will gain benefit from multi worldwide contributors which coming from women leaders in the industry who’s also a member of worldwide women association such as women in logistics and transport (WILAT), Women in Transport (WIT), Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA).

Moreover, this book, proposes a mixture of theory and practice with effective case studies, aims at reaching primarily doctoral, postgraduate, graduate, and final year undergraduate students in business and marketing, logistics and transport, gender studies, cultural studies, and it will also useful and suitable to read for both managers and decision-makers around the world too.

About the Author

Nor Aida Abdul Rahman is an Associate Professor at Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (UniKL MIAT) in Subang, Selangor, Malaysia. Currently, she served as a Head of Aviation Management at Universiti Kuala Lumpur. She is also a Fellow at UKM-MPOB Endowment Chair at National University of Malaysia. Her work has appeared in Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Islamic Marketing, Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Journal of Quality and Reliability and Management and others. She has worked as internal and external trainer in management, supply chain, Halal logistics and postgraduate research. Her main research area is in marketing logistics, logistics and supply chain relationship, strategy and logistics branding, Halal logistics and supply chain, aviation logistics, aviation and tourism. Rahman has authored over 100 articles, book chapters and research books. She is also part of the editorial team of book project with Routledge in Halal logistics and supply chain in Southeast Asia. She earned PhD degree in Management (supply chain management) from Brunel University, London; Master and Bachelor degree in Business and Administration from National University of Malaysia. She is also serving as External Academic Advisor in college, a chartered member for Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Malaysia (CILTM), HRDF Certified Trainer, Chairman (Academic Committee) for Malaysian Association of Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Schools

Dr. Nurhayati Mohd Nur has over 20 years of working experience. She worked with manufacturing companies for 12 years before focusing as a full-time academician and researcher at Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (UniKL-MIAT). She is the Principal Researcher for UniKL-MIAT Aerospace Research Centre. Her main research interests include ergonomics and human factors in aviation, aviation management, aircraft maintenance activities, air travel, aerodynamics, aerospace manufacturing, and quality management systems. Her research works have been published in reputable academic journals and conference proceedings. She also served as a reviewer for reputable journals and is currently involved as one of the editors for the aviation book chapters.

In this Book

  • Women as Future Leader in Transportation Sector
  • A Systematic Literature Review Examining Factors That Hinder Women's Involvement and Advancement in the Aviation Industry
  • Women in Logistics and Transport: Evolution of Women Leaders and Future Research Trends
  • The Role of Education for Future Women Leader in Logistics Scenario
  • The Role of Education for Future Women Leader in Transport
  • Branding the Women Leaders in Aviation: What Does It Takes?
  • Training and Capacity Building Programs: Perspective of Southeast Asia Women in Aviation
  • Gender Balance, Strategy and Making Way for Women Talent in Cargo
  • The Contributing Factors and Initiatives to Overcome Women's Obstacles and Challenges in the Aviation Industry
  • Women Barriers and Gender Discrepancies in Asia Aviation Industry: Cracking the Glass Ceiling
  • Unlocking Women's Barriers and Gender Discrepancies in the Asia Aviation Industry
  • Navigating the Risks: A Look at Dangerous Goods Logistics Management for Women in Logistics
  • Technology Advancement in Aviation: How Women Workforce Adapt to Technological Knowledge Transfer
  • Women in Aviation Transport Policy Making: Facts and Figures
  • Inequality in the Air: The Case of Malaysian Women Pilots
  • Women's Leadership in Crisis: Responding to Future Challenges
  • Pandemic COVID-19 and Under Pressure: Exploring Women in Aviation Challenges