Word 2003 Bible

  • 16h 48m
  • Brent Heslop, David Angell, Peter Kent
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2003

If you work in an office or own a computer you’ve probably used Word, but do you know all it can do? This comprehensive reference covers the basics for beginners and then charges right into the impressive new features of Word 2003. Discover the power of automated fields using Smart Tags, learn to use Word’s collaboration features to make sharing documents easier and more efficient, find out how to manage privacy issues, and examine the basics of working with XML in Word.

Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of Word 2003

  • Place text into tables, work with sections and columns, and format pages
  • Use bookmarks, cross-references, footnotes, indexes, and tables
  • Streamline your work with styles, autoformatting, templates, wizards, and themes
  • Understand the principles of good document design
  • Include photos and graphics in your documents and import data from other Office applications
  • Create interactive forms tied to a database and use Word’s HTML Web page features
  • Share documents, merge changes into the original, and use SharePoint to build online document areas that incorporate document libraries, discussions, to-do lists, calendars, and more
  • Customize Word toolbars, menus, and shortcuts, and master field codes and macros to simplify and automate tasks

About the Authors

Brent Heslop is an avid Word user. He has coauthored more than 15 books and written numerous magazine articles using Word. He also works as a consultant and teaches HTML publishing and interactive programming classes. His books include Microsoft Word 2000 Bible and Word 97 Bible (published by Wiley).

David Angell is a computer industry writer and consultant. He has used Word as his word processing workbench since the early days of Word for MS-DOS. David has authored and coauthored more than 14 books. His books include Word 2000 Bible, Word 97 Bible, andDSL For Dummies (all published by Wiley). David is also a principal in angell.com, an Internet and ISDN consulting and technical communications firm.

Peter Kent has been using Microsoft Word for 14 years to write 50 books, scores of technical manuals, and literally thousands of magazine articles and corporate documents. He has worked in the software development business for nearly 22 years, designing and testing software, writing documentation, and training users. He is the author of the widely reviewed and praised Poor Richard's Web Site. Today, he is vice president of marketing for Indigio, an e-services firm.

In this Book

  • Word 2003 Bible
  • Getting Started with Word 2003
  • Navigating and Editing Documents
  • Finding and Replacing Text and Formats
  • Character Formatting and Fonts
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Printing Documents
  • Managing Documents
  • Proofing and Researching
  • Working with Tables
  • Sections, Columns, and Page Formatting
  • Using Bookmarks, Cross-References, Footnotes, and Links
  • Creating Indexes and Tables of Contents
  • Styles and AutoFormatting
  • Using Templates, Wizards, and Themes
  • What Looks Good?
  • Creating Documents Using Speech Recognition
  • Illustrating Your Documents with Graphics
  • More Object Types– Drawings, Text Boxes, and More
  • Advanced Graphics and Multimedia
  • Linking Information from Other Applications
  • Working with Microsoft Graph Chart and Microsoft Equation
  • Creating Form Letters, Envelopes, Labels, and Catalogs
  • Creating Dynamic Documents Using Field Codes
  • Creating Forms
  • Getting Organized with Outlines and Master Documents
  • Creating Basic Web Pages
  • Advanced HTML and XML
  • Faxing and E-mailing with Word
  • Comments and Reviewing
  • Online Collaboration
  • Troubleshooting and Overcoming Word's Idiosyncrasies
  • Customizing Menus, Options, Toolbars, and Keys
  • Making the Most of Word Macros and VBA
  • Securing Your Data


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