Working GlobeSmart: 12 People Skills for Doing Business Across Borders

  • 6h 16m
  • Ernest Gundling
  • Intercultural Press
  • 2003

Taking a new assignment in your company’s foreign office? Meeting a business associate from another country? Videoconferencing with a group of global co-workers? Negotiating a project deadline with the foreign software engineer across the hall? Learn how to apply a new set of cultural competencies to successfully cross national or cultural boundaries. Working GlobeSmart shows how global people skills add value to global business and captures the essence of what global leadership means: the ability to create a corporate culture that builds cooperation across borders and cultures, between customers and suppliers—across every organizational line.

About the Author

Ernest Gundling, Ph.D., cofounder and managing director of Meridian Resources Associates, Inc., has helped dozens of clients—including AT&T, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Hewlett-Packard, Honda, Rockwell Automation, and 3M—develop strategic global approaches to leadership development, organizational change, and innovation. He has lived and worked in Asia (including six years in Japan), Europe, and Mexico. Author of The 3M Way to Innovation, he is a lecturer at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

In this Book

  • The Global People Skills Model
  • Global People Skills and Culture
  • Establishing Credibility and Feedback
  • Obtaining Information and Evaluating People
  • Working on a Global Team
  • Training and Development
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transferring Knowledge
  • Innovating
  • Managing Change
  • Synthesis—People Skills and Global Citizenship
  • Notes
  • Bibliography