World Class Master Scheduling: Best Practices and Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement

  • 3h 59m
  • Donald H. Sheldon
  • J. Ross Publishing
  • 2006

Master scheduling is the heartbeat of every manufacturing and distribution process. In fact, there is no more important process within manufacturing. This up-to-date “how-to” guide explains how master scheduling integrates with Lean and Six Sigma to create the perfect environment for robust control and continuous improvement. World Class Master Scheduling will help organizations establish rules of engagement and set the stage for maximum effectiveness of both Lean strategies and Six Sigma in the scheduling process. The author describes the need for cooperation with the demand side of the organization and how to achieve high-performance results. This desk reference is a must for operations managers, production supervisors, planners and schedulers, and Lean, Six Sigma and ERP practitioners and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates complete detailed understanding of world class master scheduling in an easy to read, “how-to” format
  • Describes how master scheduling integrates with Lean and Six Sigma to create the perfect environment for robust control and continuous improvement
  • Illustrates how state-of-the-art master scheduling can save a company thousands of dollars and increase customer service and productivity
  • Offers global insight on high-performance master scheduling and the results on the bottom line
  • Explains numerous inventory strategies (MTS, ATO, MTO, ETO, etc.) with rules for proper management of these process designs

About the Author

Donald H. Sheldon is president of DH Sheldon & Associates, an international consulting firm headquartered in New York. As a practitioner, this leading expert previously served as Director and General Manager of The Raymond Corporation’s Worldwide Aftermarket Services Division and as Vice President of Global Quality and Six Sigma Services for the NCR Corporation. Prior to forming his own firm, Mr. Sheldon was Vice President for BUKER, Inc, of Chicago, a world recognized leader in management education and consulting. He has been published in numerous magazines and journals and is author of the book Achieving Inventory Accuracy and was co-author of The Road to Class A Manufacturing Resource Planning (MPR II). He has been a frequent speaker at colleges, international conventions and seminars and he is certified by APICS as CFPIM (Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management) and as CIRM (Certified in Resource Management).

In this Book

  • World Class Master Scheduling—Best Practices and Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement
  • Understanding the Master Schedule
  • Utilizing Inventory Strategy
  • Master Production Schedule Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Demand Planning Influences
  • The Details Behind Master Scheduling
  • Order Management
  • Roles of the Players in the Master Production Scheduling Process
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Measuring the Master Production Scheduling Process
  • Management Systems
  • Integration With Material Requirements Planning
  • Forecast Requirements
  • Software Tools
  • Master Scheduler Job Description
  • Class a ERP Business Model and Performance
  • Integrating the Master Production Schedule with Lean and Six Sigma
  • Discussions with the “Masters”
  • Checklist for High-Performance Master Scheduling