Writing for Readability

  • 21m
  • Ken Kirk
  • Association for Talent Development
  • 2010

This Infoline will tackle the readability issue more appropriately by discussing guidelines for mastering clear and concise sentences in your workplace writing. The goal is to practice composing a sentence that requires only one reading to decipher the intended message. In this Infoline, you will learn strategies to tighten and simplify your sentences; eliminate wordiness and redundant phrasing; and build a vocabulary to help your co-workers revise their work.

About the Author

Ken Kirk is a senior writer at Navy Federal Credit Union and a part-time English instructor at Northern Virginia Community College, at which he teaches a course on business writing.

His teaching interests include composition and rhetoric, in addition to technical and business writing. He received his Master of Science degree at Radford University in 2007.

In this Book

  • Writing for Readability
  • Preface
  • Identify Your Reader
  • How to Write Better Sentences
  • Find a Workplace Writing Process
  • What Next?
  • References & Resources


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