Your Successful Project Management Career

  • 3h 27m
  • Ronald B. Cagle
  • 2005

With organizations like the Project Management Institute expanding their membership by 20 percent annually, it’s clear that project management is growing fast. But if you are just starting out, questions abound: What does the job consist of? What experience and training do you need? What type of certification is required, and how do you get it? And once you’re off and running, how do you build, manage, and sustain a rewarding and lucrative career?

Your Successful Project Management Career provides you with all the information and advice you need to get started. Beginning with an overview of how project management got started, how the field has grown, and where it’s headed, you’ll find a clarification of project management terminology, and a list of courses, educational programs, and reading requirements you need to be acquainted with. The book gives you helpful tips on how to make the transition from your present career into project management, as well as an explanation of typical corporate hierarchy. The book gives you indispensable advice on:

  • Acquiring preparatory skills in scheduling, budgeting, team-building, delegation, and building a personal skill set
  • Assessing the market and selecting the “right” organization
  • Making friends and alliances in the field
  • Taking over projects in progress, developing project plans, and executing and closing projects
  • Gaining experience, and expanding your knowledge and training

Easy to understand and filled with all the information you need to get started, Your Successful Project Management Career is an immensely valuable guidebook every beginning project manager should read.

About the Author

Ronald B. Cagle is the creator of the Strategy for Success series featuring The BEST Process. He is the principal of Modern-Management, a consulting firm providing program and enterprise management solutions and workshops to high-tech companies. He has more than 30 years of experience in project management, with firms including Ford-Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Planning Research Corporation, and Harris Corporation. He has received many industry accolades, including the prestigious Program Manager of the Year award.

In this Book

  • Your Successful Project Management Career
  • Understanding What Project Management Is All About
  • Introducing the Principal Organizations
  • Considering the Project Management Organizations
  • Speaking the Language
  • Acquiring Preparatory Skills
  • Acquiring Project and Program Skills
  • Expanding Your Knowledge
  • Improving Your Abilities
  • Matching the Skill Sets to Projects and Programs
  • Are You Ready for the Next One?
  • Meeting Market Needs
  • Getting Settled
  • Applying Your Skills to Other Activities
  • Continuing Your Success!