Zen of Cloud: Learning Cloud Computing by Examples on Microsoft Azure

  • 6h 8m
  • Haishi Bai
  • CRC Press
  • 2015
  • Shares insights gained by the author while working at Microsoft’s headquarters
  • Provides the ideal balance of theory and practice
  • Uses a series of examples to provide comprehensive coverage of the Windows Azure cloud platform
  • Organized into small sessions—making it suitable for instructional settings
  • Includes online access to updated examples and answers to exercises


Zen of Cloud: Learning Cloud Computing by Examples on Microsoft Azure provides comprehensive coverage of the essential theories behind cloud computing and the Windows Azure cloud platform. Sharing the author’s insights gained while working at Microsoft’s headquarters, it presents nearly 70 end-to-end examples with step-by-step guidance on implementing typical cloud-based scenarios.

The book is organized into four sections: cloud service fundamentals, cloud solutions, devices and cloud, and system integration and project management. Each chapter contains detailed exercises that provide readers with the opportunity to develop valuable hands-on skills in cloud service development.

  • Explains how to prepare for Microsoft Azure development and how to use Microsoft Azure Management Portal
  • Provides best practices for designing cloud-based applications

Beginners can use this book as a guide in their journey through cloud computing. Experienced cloud developers will benefit from the specific examples and detailed guidance on implementing typical cloud-based scenarios. The examples cover a range of application types and technologies with varying levels of difficulties.

Supplying comprehensive coverage of the Windows Azure cloud platform, the book provides a practical understanding and powerful tips that readers can immediately apply to their own work—making it ideal for cloud system developers, architects, and IT professionals. Organized into easily digestible sessions, it is also ideal for use in instructional settings.

About the Author

Haishi Bai is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. He wrote his first program when he was 12 and ever since, the world has been all about software and services. In his 16 years of professional life, he’s been engaged in various areas ranging from finance to public safety, and he’s taken on different roles such as architect, development lead, and project manager. He’s also a passionate educator who loves to share his knowledge.

In this Book

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • Building Websites on the Cloud
  • Cloud Service Fundamentals
  • Advanced Cloud Service
  • Data Storage—Relational Database
  • Data Storage Storage Services
  • Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks
  • Cloud Solution Architecture
  • High-Availability Design
  • High-Reliability Design
  • High-Performance Design
  • Claim-Based Architecture
  • Mobile Service
  • Internet of Things
  • Message-Based System Integration
  • Source Control and Tests with Visual Studio Online
  • Scripting and Automation
  • Azure and DevOps