Skillsoft Certitude

Easily create a governance framework to support compliance, safety and business initiatives

Reduce Risk. Build Confidence.

Skillsoft CertitudeTM helps you certify communications, assess knowledge and simplify policy, attestation and disclosure management to improve business processes and reduce risk.

Communicate policy and disclosures unambiguously

Create, distribute and manage corporate documents including policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other communications globally across the enterprise in a clear, concise manner.

Evaluate employee comprehension

Build custom questionnaires, checklists, surveys, assessments and exams in over 40 languages.

Secure employee attestations with electronic signature

Capture electronic signatures to confirm employee acknowledgment of documentation or communication.

Feel confident with auditable tracking

Auditable tracking and reporting through Percipio Compliance or third-party LMS makes it easy to track compliance.


Certitude provides organization with the tools necessary to support compliance and safety programs
  • Certify communications and ensure policy awareness
  • Measure and support knowledge retention
  • Simplify the distribution of documents, policies and SOPs and manages the collection of responses
  • Deploy materials aligned to global organizational initiatives or key risk areas in 40 languages
  • Ease the burden of administration with a single, flexible tool able to support the entire organizations specific attestation and evaluation needs


Designed to certify communications, assess knowledge and simplify policy, attestation, and disclosure management.


Skillsoft protects over 1,800 organizations with 500+ risk areas. We partner with top legal and safety experts to develop accurate and up-to-date training content in 33 languages with translation support and cultural adaptation.


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