5G Technical Primer Bootcamp

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For many mobile network professionals, 5G is a new beast that must be tamed. Whether you are a seasoned telecom professional or just coming into the technical area of mobile communications networks, 5G can initially seem intimidating. In this Bootcamp, we seek to approach 5G in a simple and down-to-earth manner to describe and understand what it is and how it works. We’ll be examining the various components of the 5G network including the RAN, the core, as well as the various deployment scenarios. We’ll examine the 5G protocol stack in some detail for both the core network as well as the wireless component. Finally, we’ll see what makes the technology so revolutionary and how it enables applications that would otherwise not be able to function. This Bootcamp is aimed at entry to mid-level technical staff, wireless engineers, telecom professionals, networking professionals, and technical personnel that have some experience with networking, wireless communications networks, as well as some experience with 3G or 4G/LTE networks. Technologies covered include 5G, RAN, core network, IP, protocol stacks, networking fundamentals and principles Prior to attedning this Bootcamp you should have some working knowledge of telecommunications standards, wireless communications, radio communications, and/or networking.


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